Monday, March 16, 2015

Doing A Strata Search in KL

In this digital age and time, you or your rep still need to be physically present to do a strata search at the Federal Land Office. And not just any presence, it has to be one early in the morning between 8.30am and 10am. So, if you come late and miss the quota, you need to come back again the next day.

I think the Federal land office should move into one of those caves up in Selayang.... 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Suasana Ceylon Close-Up

A friend recently bought a unit at Suasana Ceylon for own stay, so I took the opportunity to take a survey plus down a few beers. 

His unit is a  high floor 1-bedroom unit with a premium view of the KL Towers and KLCC. This view will remain unblocked forever.

But unfortunately, it also comes with a view of the hideous Verticas Residensi.

The most fascinating part of the project is perhaps the facilities deck which literally sits on the slope of the Bukit Ceylon (hill). It has a charming swimming pool which of course, comes with the view...

It's quite a good sized swimming pool, though not the olympic sized pool that Verticas offers and Sex Ceylon's red pool...

My friend actually viewed all the available one-bedroom and studios in the area and finally settled for Suasana Ceylon mainly because the unit offers good ventilation with a balcony thrown in too. All the other new projects have either no balconies or the windows cannot be opened properly to let fresh air in.

However, I did find the odd shape of the living/kitchen area a bit dim when the bed room door is closed because natural light comes in via a rather small french window.

But unlike UMLand's earlier Seri Bukit Ceylon project, they now cleverly leave the bathroom entrance outside the bedroom so that guests do not trample into your bedroom to use it.

The worst part of the design is not in the units itself but at the lobby. Though nicely marbled, there sits a large glass lift that serves the lower floor offices that just sticks out like a sore thumb. UMLand may think it looks rather nice and offers it as a feature but I do find it takes up rather a lot of space and an eyesore.

But perhaps the largest peeve I have about this project is the developer UMLand. After their Kenanga office has been demolished for yet another epic project, they moved in to Suasana Ceylon. But every Seri Bukit Ceylon Residences buyers remember when once Seri Bukit Ceylon was their flagship luxury project, this developer used to take care of the place pretty well. Unfortunately greed sets in and they started to sell off parcels of the supposedly common areas which they own. Without providing Seri Bukit Ceylon's residents with a proper alternative as their management office, last week UMLand sealed the existing management office and ordered the office to be vacated. They have also sold a shop at the lobby which is now being run as a cheap sundry shop and the former Somerset lobby which today remains a legal issue due to the demarcation of the space.

Suasana Ceylon seems like it will face a similar fate in the future as this project resembles Seri Bukit Ceylon in having this developer own valuable parcels of commercial units within the common areas.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Slowdown in Klang Valley landed residential market expected

Slowdown in Klang Valley landed residential market expected

Friday, 6 March 2015