Friday, December 11, 2015

Vertical II Bangsar is Completed

In August, 4 months ago UOA was rushing all buyers to pay up and take possession of their Vertical II office suites. Immediately, they started charging maintenance fees at the full rate of 55 sen psf. Today most of th offices (over 99%) are still vacant.

Issue is not about demand. The issue is the building is not even completed yet! Starting with the corridors and lifts. They are dusty from daily constructions works. I am not talking just about the floors upstairs. I am talking about the lifts, the main lobby and the car parks. Of course the corridors up where the offices are dusty as well but I understand there might be some renovations going on. But on my floor there are no renovations but yet the corridors and lift lobby are dusty. There is no cleaning service.

It is still obvious there are constructions going on. Where you park your car, the sign boards don't mean anything because most of the exits are still boarded up. So you can end up driving round and round looking for an exit.

Traffic control is also a night mare. Temporary cones mark the routes. But as you exit the underground car park, you need to enter again in order to make a u-turn to go out. This type of chinaman developer really lose my respect.

I can understand if there are still rectification works because the building is still new. But I cannot accept the offices corridors, lobby and lifts to be dusty. It is not acceptable to tenants and certainly not acceptable to me when I am paying RM600 per month for NO SERVICE.