Friday, April 18, 2008

This is just the beginning

Welcome to my blog. There are at least a hundred blogs and websites about real estates in Malaysia, but few are truly independent that provides unbiased opinion and feedback on the available choices of investments in Malaysia. I would like to present such platform. Although my views may sometimes seem biased due to my vested interests in the form of ownership in certain projects, please feel free to provide a counter opinion. To be fair, I will certainly highlight if I have any vested interests in my blog entries but I will endeavour to present only facts and truths.

I have a day job which is not property related. I am a wage earning employee. Yet, for the past ten years or more, I have been dwelving in real estates. Real estate to me is not just an investment, it is also a passion. I hope you join me to explore and review the many interesting projects and have fun along the way.

Please feel free to post your comments, whether they are in agreement with my views or against. I welcome all types of comments and opinions, but please do not write anything seditious, racist or rude.


sinleong said...

It's difficult to start something like this without anyone accusing you of trying to advertise and make money. Apart from the rent I collect from my tenants and the money I make from buying and selling MY OWN properties, I have never made any money, commission or fees from my property related activities.

To me, this is a passion. A hobby. It takes time for people to understand that.

The Great Game said...

Please keep up the good work. I am still a newbie in property, eager to learn more from all the shifus!

Anonymous said...

I understand the passion part of property investment.

Its strange that we can buy a property, a piece of the earth, and say that it is ours. that it belongs to me alone. think about it.