Thursday, May 8, 2008

I've been busy....

I took possession of my new pride and joy last Friday morning. In the afternoon, my first potential tenant came to view it. Later that afternoon, before the next viewing had a chance, he confirmed and deposit paid within 24 hours. I then have less than 3 days to get an old beaten up one bedroom apartment into a habitable abode. Imagine, the tenant saw an unfurnished apartment, where everything from the aircon, to the kitchen hood are not working. And the previous tenant left cooking stains all over the kitchen walls and cabinets. How did this place sell? Mind you, I'm fetching double digit returns!

Nobody I know has any hate for Kampung Warisan. Everyone talks about the charming gardens and the greenery, the swimming pool, fish pond..... With only 275 units sitting in 15 acres of "forest", it is one of the lowest density development within a striking distance of KLCC.

In my opinion, Kampung Warisan is closer proximity to KLCC compared to Ampang Hilir. The reason is, the short crawl from Ampang Hilir to the Jalan Ampang/Tun Razak junction can take a looooong time. The only public transport you are going to get are buses or taxis. They would get stuck in this crawl. From Kampung Warisan, you can cross the road and jump into the LRT which will whizz you into KLCC in less than 15 minutes, including waiting time.

The only problem is, walking from your apartment through the thick vegetation, fauna and flora of Kampung Warisan to the main gate may be distracting and may take up most of the travel time...

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