Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vida Soho @ Bukit Ceylon

picture above: Vida Soho site

When a company that bottles mineral water starts to build high end apartments, you know times are getting interesting. Enter Spritzer, the mineral water company...

picture above: The artist impression of the building, luckily it does not look like a mineral water bottle - picture courtesy of Vida Soho's website

Spritzer have their notice board up since a long time ago on this plot of land, currently a car park at the junction of Changkat Raja Chulan, Changkat Bukit Bintang and Jalan Ceylon. Back then who woud think a minreal water company would be building and selling apartments! It is located on a very strategic perch, commanding over the playground which is Changkat Bukit Bintang. This junction can be a very busy patch judging from the daily evening crawl but living in this area, one does not need a car.

This is another commercial development guised as a serviced residence, just like the Somerset Seri Bukit Ceylon. Interestingly, every unit is a duplex. Exceedingly low density, it only has 15 floors and 118 units. Majority of the units are 1 bedrooms with only 2 to 3 units of 2 bedroom units per floor. The concept is quite similar to the Duplex Business Suites of Seri Bukit Ceylon where the downstairs are offices and the upstairs are bedrooms. But it has one advantage over Seri Bukit Ceylon - View!
pictures above: artist impression of the interior of the corner unit no. 4 - pictures courtesy of Vida Soho's website

As it is located on the junction with neighbouring condominiums over 20m apart, Vida Soho will definitely enjoy unobstructed view... that is if Menara Bukit Ceylon and Seri Raja Chulan can be considered good views. It will also still have a breathtaking view of the KL city skyline.
picture above: The large balcony of corner unit 9, the biggest unit - picture courtesy of Vida Soho's website

Despite coming in the latest in the Bukit Ceylon scene, Vida Soho is the first among the lot to have made known their product. Nobody yet knows what Wingtai Asia and UMland-MMC JV gonna offer. I have called up the Vida Soho sales department and they informed me that launching will most likely be Q2 2009... If Wingtai Asia and UMland-MMC keep on procrastinating (they were saying they'd launch last year in 2007 for goodness sake!), I'm afraid Vida Soho will beat them flat.

Note: the pictures above were nicked from Vida Soho's website without their permission. I am not responsible for the accuracy of the pictures nor information provided


Anonymous said...

I find it bizarre that you, as a property investor, would find this a positive development. The fact is, if VIDA goes ahead, it will ruin the views, create havic in the area for years and bring down prices at both Downtown, Seri Raja Chulan and Menara Bukit Ceylon. Sorry, cannot see anything poitive about that.

sinleong said...

it will certainly ruin their views. but having said that, most units in kirana and marc residence dont or wont have a view anyway and yet they do well. I also agree with you that a higher density Bukit Ceylon (with Verticas, Bolton's and UMland's coming up soon) will totally change the landscape of the area. But whether it is for the good or for the worse remains to be seen. When Seri Bukit Ceylon came up, it boosted the rental market around it.

Anonymous said...

sinleong, any news on how much they will be selling it? Is it launched already? TQ.


dnal12 said...

Does anybody have current information about Vida Soho development?

Anonymous said...

It will be a good investment if the price range between 1200 to 1300 per sq ft for a soho in Bukit Ceylon. Very good location and should be a very low density tower.

apex property investment said...

Vida is building up soon, glad it will block the sun in the late afternoon while the unit still enjoy a good dose of sunlight for most of the day. Menara PMI is sold, it will likely be built up higher in time to come and those units facing KLCC are in real threat of being blocked.

A Best has taken over the somerset units and are doing very well. When I was there, they said 90% occupancy rate. They are starting to take back some units from owners for rental. They offered 2 bedroom 937 sqft unit @ RM3000 for 2 years tenancy and for 1 Bedroom RM2200-RM2400. This is way lower than what somerset used to offer.

I stayed in the 591 soft unit facing KL tower and there was a musky smell in the room. Its a lower floor unit that does not get much light. I think it is important for units to get some direct sunlight to clear the smell.