Saturday, November 29, 2008

Desa Kudalari in Pictures

Walking in the grounds of Desa Kudalari often makes you forget that you are only a few hundred metres from KLCC, except for the fact that you keep coming across the commanding view of the twin towers to remind you. Here are some pictures to prove the point.

picture above: View of the tower from the swimming pool

picture above: The Pub by the poolside

picture above: The pub

picture above: KLCC view from the pub (before it got blurry...)

picture above: tennis court - the facilities are starting look tired like an old run down country club

picture above: view from a tower unit

picture above: most tower units command a spectacular view - the bottom of the pics are the 1-bedroom Cabana units

picture above: The main entrance

picture above: View of Dua Residency and Avare from Desa Kudalari tower

picture above: The Cabana units

picture above: Cabana units and the tower

picture above: The corner Cabana units with an added side balcony and window

Picture above: The Cabana units are walk-ups or walk downs

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Anonymous said...

How big are the cabana units? and how much are these going for?