Thursday, May 7, 2009

The East Perth Neighbourhood - a picture tour

Picture above: Panoramic view of the waterways in front of East Perth

Picture above: East Perth is not a gated community. There are public parks within the area with barbecue stoves - you just need to bring your meat and power it up. No need to pay.

Pictures above and below: Some of the townhouses at the waterfront up for sale

Pictures above and below: Some waterfront apartments with chic cafes at the ground floor

picture above: Probably the last parcel of empty land in East Perth up for development

picture above: The back alley of the waterfront townhouses with garages

Picture above: Perth city skyline as seen from East Perth


Anonymous said...

Hi Sin Leong

Good pics and articles on Perth.

Great if we can continue with this real estate investments in Malaysia as per blog in light of the challenges of the financial crisis


sinleong said...

thanks for your opinion... it's good to compare with what they've got in other countries. i've also written about bangkok. then, it makes us realize, we are really paying too much and getting bad quality in Malaysia.