Sunday, March 21, 2010

Accident in a Gated Community

I have published comments about the implementation of Gated and Guarded communities in established residential areas here and here.

This morning there was an accident. It happened at about 615am when it was still dark. The driver of the car turning into USJ2 did not see the big oil drums put out to slow down traffic at the entrance by a security company hired by the Residents Association. As a result, the car swerved to avoid the drums but unfortunately it hit one of them and ended up on its side.

So Whose fault is it?

USJ2 is not a gated community although the "pro-tem committee" of the Residents Association (RA) is keenly garnering support for it. It is a mystery how many residents joined the RA however, it is unlikely to be the majority as apparently, members are required to pay a RM50 fee upon joining as required by its constitution. The RA for sure have not got the 85% consent from residents of USJ2 required to implement the Gated and Guarded (G&G) concept. But they went ahead to hire a security company, build guard posts and position oil drums in the middle of the road to slow traffic.

There is also a very passionate group opposing the G&G implementation in USJ2. It is understood that there has been a few police reports made against the blocking of public roads. While the security company has not begun to stop cars entering the USJ2 area for checks, the police did nothing to require them to remove the drums. So the drums stayed in the middle of the road and today there has been a serious accident.

While this blog will not favour, oppose, encourage or discourage any views on the G&G concept and implementation, it is important to highlight the issues so that people can decide what they want to do with their properties.

We have talked about good or bad development that can either promote or kill the value of properties. Well, this is one issue....

Note: Would really appreciate anyone with photos of this incident to send them to me so I can post them up

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