Monday, August 16, 2010

Malaysia Property Forum

Well today I found myself being banned from the Malaysia & Singapore Real Estate Forum. The admin and owner of this forum is rude, offensive and a coward.

He started off badly today by accusing a staff at Monoland and a friend I introduced to a buyer of ripping-off people and corruption. His claims were unsubstantiated and he offered no apologies for what he said, hiding behind his nickname and continued to post innuendos and implying that I have been dishonest in my dealings with regards to this Vipod deal since I introduced the buyer to the seller. The poor Monoland staff who merely helped the seller to explain to the buyer the choice of units available was accused of corruption!
I also have the right to protect my integrity and reputation. As he felt the heat, unwilling to apologize and faced with the threat of legal action by me, he decided to ban me from the forum as an easy way out. Now forum readers should know that the one with an integrity and reputation issue is the forum.
This is complete abuse of the internet and a free public forum. Although the internet is not regulated, it is morally and ethically wrong to use it to slander people, especially when specific names were used. Such attitude is totally uncalled for. I won't bother to go back to that forum for it's cowardness and lack of integrity.
Updated: Apparently, there is another twist to the story. I could not be bothered to visit this forum again so I can't verify. However, friends have informed me that an Admin, using the nickname Pai has banned me for criticizing his vested properties. I remember being banned from another forum for criticizing 231TR, someone's vested property. Well, if this forum is no different from the other one, i.e. used to promote one's vested interests, then I shall be no part of it. You will continue to hear from me from this blog, criticizing all properties, INCLUDING those I am vested in.... and do feel welcome to provide opposing comments or criticize my views as well. You won't get edited or banned from posting in this blog. Your comments do not need my approval to be posted. I only remove ads and racial and vulgar comments. Other than that, you can say whatever you want.
Further Updates: I have removed this forum from my favourite links. This blog shall not be used to promote other people's vested interests. Strictly no...


cmy said...

I hope you do come back to this forum, I always welcome your comments and invaluable insights. I think it is not Fernando, but someone else banned you for commenting negatively on his vested properties. But I think there must be two side of the property reviews for we must look at things objectively. It is blatant accusation to say that your comments has impact on prices of the said properties.

I have checked on admin's site and found out that your name has been lifted from the banned list. Do try to log in, if anything, please do e-mail me.

mar said...

i dun agree with lots of your opinions, but banning is just too much.
and no need to sue, pls. too much ego la.

sinleong said...

To sue is the last resort la. The one making false accusations must apologize or else people will forever question one's integrity.

We all don't have to agree with each other. That's why we agree to disagree. That is what a forum is for, to discuss... But when someone goes off mentioning names and getting a staff into trouble with her company with unsubstantiated claims, that is way too much la... That is completely an abuse and bullying.

sinleong said...

haha...i been banned from another property forum before when i criticized someone's vested properties. so, i see this forum is no different. i refuse to participate in a forum that is used to promote one's vested interests. if you don't agree with my comments, you are welcome to rebutt or even criticize me. But don't simply accuse and create false innuendos.

Simon said...

ban is nothing...
you can always create a new account...
the people that ban you is child mentality.

PropOb said...

I've been following this closely and I think it's unfair treatment to you and your friend. They have been given false information and base on this ill-informed info, he made the accusations. If I were you I'd be upset as well.

As for the banning, it's Pai's fault, who obviously has vested interest in Maytower. What you commented on Maytower has truth, but I guess since he is vested, he just couldn't let you go on, especially he has admin power.

I would say this is a abuse of power. Totally unacceptable and disgraceful lah. Totally no different from the other forum

vicky said...

not about maytower i think.
you are the one who threaten to sue & track down people. if people make accusations, reply gracefully, not by suing.

Backkom said...

I'm a Regular in the forum. I have joined this forum for more than 1 year. People always argue, get emo, make accusations etc. But that's just how the internet works, nobody knows the real person behind the nickname (but some of us do know each other in person), hence people tend to lash out more easily than they should be.

I would not agree if someone said that you and your friends are the only ones at fault. I disagree with the way that you all (Fernando, Kelvin Ng, yourself and whoever else) got emotional and dwelled into those finger pointings. I disagree with Pai's decision to ban you. But I disagree with your conclusion that Pai banned you because you criticized on Maytower. But then again, if you claim that Pai and the gang were "rude, offensive and coward", how would you comment on your threat to "sue and track down"? To a bystander like me, that's just equally (or more) "offensive".

I personally think that it is a lost to all forummers that this incident turned out this way. I admired the way that Kelvin gracefully turned the situation around (I believe Fernando and the rest of the readers admired him too). That forum was all about info sharing (I agree that sometimes there are some biasness but those are all personal views), and helping everyone make money together. I hope the ban will be lifted and you will join us again.

sinleong said...

yes, to sue and trackdown fernando is very ungraceful. but since he thinks he did nothing wrong, so i suggest to him we test it in a different forum. now, each time he avoids identifying himself but he won't stop running me down...

for me, thats kind of cowardly.

i am glad now you see Kelvin is really such a nice guy after all. compare that with with u guys said about him and the sales agent from monoland. don't you think a bit unfair for him?

we get emotional sometimes in forums but we dont get personal and attack people. especially people whose identity is disclosed. thats cowardly, dont u think?

anyway, since Pai uses that forum to promote his vested properties, we'll just let him be the next Queen... frankly, it's disgusting

sinleong said...

Backkom, do visit more often and share your views in this blog. I'll continue to be rude and offensive...but all in the spirit of sharing. That's who I am. I won't do personal attacks and i wont be a coward.

I always acknowledge the fact that people always have an opposing view. That is healthy. That is how we learn to be better

cmy said...

I appreciate the fact that you spent time reading and contributing to the forum. I really regret what has happened. It is a fact that some transactions can cause discontentment and set tongues wagging for others when it is not related to their business.

SinLeong, I wish you all the best. I will continue to support your blog.

coffebean said...

Sin leong,

I am sorry about what you have been through.

Last but not least, thanks for sharing.

Noobie said...

It is really pathetic to learn what had happened. i feel it is a loss to many of the forumers there. I respect all the contributions and the passion in what you are doing now. I will continue supporting your blog.

gks said...

Hi SinLeong,
Apologize that all this episode has left a bad taste...

Your contribution and view to the forum and particularly property investment are most appreciated.

I really hope that those who dragged you and Kelvin in all these fiasco realize what they have done and what a loss to forum.

I will continue to support your blog and yes, i still owe you a drink. :)

aviator said...

Sin Leong,

There can't be 1 party at fault entirely same time, there's no 1 party can stand correct entirely.

Why have to drag the entire forum when you felt unpleasant on a certain event, that soon coming to an end?

The forum is into 5th years soon and many of us got along (online)well- although at times, some disagreement; and witness various property cycles. The forum is for everyone, not particularly anyone.

Everyone has own point of views and position, you may or may not care or aware:

- why and how have you got into the topic?
- because as a friend you found unfair statement and hope to clear it off
- why there's unfair statements?
- because someone(s) started it off
- and the someone(s), have yet to clear the air, openly.

how fernando, pai got into the picture with their words and actions, and how you eventually talked about "sue" and "track you down", to me are just consequences due to how things started off initially and turned messy in the process.

you'll see it clearly when you revisit the pages.

but why i take time and write this long winded thing,

is because i think your leave is unnecessary, and a great loss to the forum.

As mentioned,

"there's a ruler in everyone's heart"

"it's so easy to throw a stone into the well following someone's fall"

"always give someone the benefit of doubts"

"2 wrongs won't make 1 right"- everyone does mistakes, and at times, misunderstandings surely happen.

I wish you well and hope to see you back in MyRe.

Aramis said...

SinLeong kor,

I am a regular in MYRE and I really dont like how this has turned out. I am not good in writing long comments, just wish that you would come back and continue to contribute.

I also had my fair share of argument with some of the forumers before. But like saying goes "To Err Is Human, To Forgive Divine".

peace bro.

sinleong said...

hi aviator,
thank u for your constructive comment and advice. certainly will apply this in my life.

i left the forum because i was banned. and i wont return to the forum because i dont want to participate in a forum that:

1. promotes the forum owner's or admin's vested interests - lest i be accused of being biased too

2. anonymously attacks people's personal character without evidence - this is an abuse of the internet

i am more in control of this blog, so u wont find any of the 2 above happening.

true, i am a very direct and agressive person by nature. those of you who knows me, will confirm that. while most people will hate me at first sight but will soon learn that i'm honest and uncomplicated. therefore, i am direct.

i feel responsible for what i've done which indirectly caused a poor innocent sales girl from monoland so much trouble with her company. if i haven't introduced anyone in this forum to my friend, her name would not have popped up at all. none of you ever understand what she went through when fernando and gang attacked her character relentlessly. to make things worse, she did not gain a single sen from this deal nor does she get any commission selling us vipods and quadros.

Missy S said...

hi sinleong,

am moved by your speech...

Kevin said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Sinleong,

Sorry to hear about what happened. I'm not sure of the details but Pai is a personal friend of mine and I am surprised if he made the decision to ban you as I believe he is a fair person and if this really happened there must be some misunderstanding or emotions getting in the way as they often do in forums such as these. Kindly do not stop your contributions to the forum. While I am not an active contributor, I highly value everyone's opinions there and your leaving would be a loss. I hope you do come back and let bygones be bygones. Thank you

Anonymous said...

u banned someone for disagreeing with you. to me, the forum has already lost credibility. i for one, certainly will never go there again

Anonymous said...

ya lo... that forum has no credibility anymore

Anonymous said...

Aviator is wrong. It's not sinleong dragging the forum in. It's Fernando and Pai tarnishing the image of this forum by being rediculos

Noobie said...

myrealestate has lost its credibility and i will not contribute into the forum anymore.
The fact is that it is not the no.1 forum but more to a private forum frequented by the same old people claiming their success .. There can be hardly any discussion due to the reason that any disagreement on certain individuals will be viewed as negative.
Fernando is useless by giving false accusation with his own assumption and yet thinking he is damn right.
Pai is worse still, needless to say of his egoness, he gets personal on the banning part. He can criticise others while others are not allowed to criticise on his vested property.
I say we just ban the forum instead.


Hi Sin Leong. I'm a casual reader at Myrealestate. Been there for a couple months and read every once in awhile.

I'm quite surprised that a seasoned investor like F1 saw only his own train of reasoning that is out and out flawed. He reminds me of my aging dad that once he's locked on to a certain reasoning/conclusion, it's quite hard to shake him off it even with solid logic. And I get so frustrated by it as well so I can imagine how it was like for you.

On the issue, options & rights are transferable market instruments. You see it in every form of market operations. Stocks, collections of invoices (known as factoring), Cagamas, selling of futures contracts etc.

It was really far out to call it corruption. But I guess F1 was just pissed at what he saw as profiteering mentality that he went off the rails. 2 different things blurred into 1 in the way he saw things.

I feel saddened by all this as I enjoy you, Pai & F1 input.