Thursday, November 25, 2010

MAS Building Makeover

PNB, who is the owner of the MAS building in Jalan Sultan Ismail has confirmed that the building they bought few years back for RM130million will be refurbished. A luxurious tower will be constructed to replace the podium behind the building. This tower will house a hotel and a serviced apartment.

Several designs had been touted for this tower. PNB also initially announced that the design would be revealed in October 2010 but October has since come and go... Judging from how our GLCs (Govt Linked Companies) work, it probably won't be another year before things take off, if it takes off at all...

If this happens, punters who invested in St Mary's Block C and paid RM100psf lesser for tower 1 will be pleased to know that the horrible and bad feng shui jagged roof of the MAS building podium block will be gone forever.


Yarrawonga land said...

Hi sinleong,

the designs for the MAS Building look amazing... do you know which one they are going to base it off?


sinleong said...

no idea... it's still in the drawing board

Hamin said...

Interesting proposition but is it a case of throwing good money at a badly designed building?

What sort of views would those apt units to be built behind the current office tower?

Have the prices of real estate risen to the extent that such redevelopment cost is justified?

The original MAS building is badly designed in the first place. It is not friendly to pedestrians coming from Jalan Sultan Ismail.

Inside it is dark and gloomy. And the best way to get there is through the rear entry which happens to be a service road of sorts.

Great town planning in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

looks like its gonna be a good news for condos around it.

but have to go thru the construction of the new build