Saturday, January 8, 2011

Iconic: The Met @ Sathorn, Bangkok

The Singapore Embassy at Sathorn Road has land... so what does one do when one has land?..... One Builds! And then we have this iconic masterpiece in the middle of one of the busiest districts in Bangkok...

This building has about 60 floors but amazingly low density. It has units ranging in size from 1000+ sf 2 bedroom units to large family packs of 4 bedroom units. The smaller units are at the lower floors while the larger ones occupy the higher floors. The ratio is almost 1.5 lifts to a unit. The 2 bedroom units share a common lobby which has a 2 lifts - a regular one and a service lift.

As in all cities in this region there is a glut with these luxury pieces, so there are several developer units still in stock. The 2 bedroom units start from RM1.4million which comes fully furnished.

There are a few facilities deck in this building. One of them has this gorgeous pool above. The sauna which comes in both the steam and dry variants also have a hot and cold jacuzzi in a really nice spa setting.

The 2-bedroom unit that I viewed has this lovely balcony with a tree planted in it. Unfortunately, the balcony access is via the bedroom instead of the living room where I think it should be.

Nevertheless, there is quite a nice straightforward layout to the living room with an open kitchen.

The bedrooms however may be too small for one's liking. The 2nd bedroom actually seems a bit more spacious that the master bedroom because the interior designer decided to pack a walk in closet into the already small master bedroom making it look claustrophobic.

I really struggled to find a good angle in the compact master-bedroom to take a good picture but managed to get a good one of the 2nd bedroom above. However, the bathroom in the master bedroom is nice with this large window - these days people don't design windows into bathrooms of compact apartments. So this is a nice welcome.

This unit comes fully furnished as it is. Accessories are also provided such as the intercom below and all the white goods in the kitchen which includes a washing machine, dryer and dish washer.

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