Thursday, February 24, 2011

KL Sentral - Our Capital's Transportation Hub

My company has recently relocated to KL Sentral and now I am beginning to see 1st hand this location in terms of the development and investment potentials. It is quite different from just passing through this place in the trains on the way to the city. 1st of all, being on the ground one notices straight away how badly managed this place is. Everything is quite chaotic and dusty, and this is not just due to the ever continuing development. The place is just badly managed... that sums it all. From the touts pestering you, the pasar malam environment in the station, the potholes, traffic, dirty toilets, expensive parking, lack of parking, illegal parking and bits and pieces of the building falling off, one can say it's just very badly managed.
Yet, we have 2 upmarket properties here. One is Suasana Sentral. When it was launched in the late 90s, one can get a 3 bedroom unit here for around RM350k. But of course, back then, RM350k was big money that yours truly did not have. One would only salivate and watch those MNC executives walking in and booking their choice units in the sales office. Suasana Sentral's price today has more than doubled - not difficult as almost everything has more than doubled in the past 10 years. Ascott used to be part of this building but pulled out some time ago - possibly to focus on something less complicated...

Last year, The Loft was completed and was touted as another success. But I guess, even if you build a cave in KL Sentral, it would be a success because at least you would have a huge market base in the MNCs based in Plaza Sentral. But I wonder if this would be a long term kind of tenancy or short term serviced apartment residents. This location is extremely high density. You can see from the pic below, how close The Loft is from Plaza Sentral. You can possibly just jump out of bed, open your window and leap into your office chair.


Haruki said...
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Anonymous said...

rate this project as BAD

Buy and Die


Anonymous said...

i think for short term stay or rentals is ok but long term this place can get quite unbearable

Unknown said...
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