Friday, February 17, 2012

Coming soon - How to control the hefty electricity bills when you've bought houses to rent rooms for investment?

Due to the mismanagement of fuel resources by this government, our electricity bill has risen rather sharply in this past couple of years (despite that, Independent Power Providers or IPP have been enjoying government subsidies on fuel they bought to supply electricity for profit).

Suddenly, we have seen electricity costs eating into our margins, often as much as 50% of the room rental. What do we do without increasing rent too high that people can't afford to rent from us anymore?

See the solution here.... soon ;)


Anonymous said...

looking forward with your sharing

KH Lin said...

fast fast comment! ;)

Anonymous said...

I chanced across your blog. Very informative and most importantly, from an unbiased viewpoint.

It is true that electricity prices have shot up. I am a retiree staying in a condo. And with the heat these days, it would be unlivable without the air-con on.

I am eager to know whether you have updated your write up on how to save electricity costs. I cant find it. Perhaps you have the link.
Do carry on with this blog. It is very interesting and valuable.