Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Arrogant Agents

I had a brush with bad estate agents before. I am not saying all estate agents are bad. Some of them are really good and do their job well - I can recommend them to you. But there are those who really gets on my nerves and they are usually the young ones.

An Australian friend of mine got a job in Malaysia so he is going to move here in August. He has started looking for a place to rent and was recommended Pantai Panorama by other friends as that fits his location and budget. Apparently there are these 2 so-called "in-house agents" in Pantai Panorama, a guy and a lady. My cousin had a brush with the guy before when he enquired to purchase a unit there to invest some months ago. I was told he was so arrogant that my cousin found it necessary to avoid investing at Pantai Panorama. This time my friend dealt with the lady - I blanked out their names to avoid embarrassing the parties involved....

From: AAA;
To: ; BBB
Sent: Tuesday, 19 June 2012, 16:47

Subject: Re: Pantai Panorama Condo

Dear Sin Leong & BBB,

Sorry for the late reply due to not feeling well these few days. Below 2 links, as spoken to BBB, 2nd link alrdy taken by someone. But end of this month, it will be another 2 new units, currently is tenanted. Same size &; rental. Thanks.


So then, my friend was keen and wrote back to request for some photographs, which I think is reasonable since he is in Australia and he is not able to view the unit:

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 2:18 PM, BBB wrote:
Hello AAA,

Thank you for your email.
Once the tenants have vacated the place, please take some photos and send them to me, if that's possible.
In addition, perhaps you could also provide the floor number and block located of the apartment.

Thank you.


and he got this reply....

From: AAA
Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 8:00 AM
Cc: Ng,SL,Sin Leong
Subject: Re: Pantai Panorama Condo


If tenant is ok especially staying only left a week, i'm alrdy start showing the unit to client, so i may not take pics after vacant, the units may alrdy rented out. If i able to make it, i will do it. FYI, 1 room aprt demand is very high & fast at here. Thanks.


My friend just told me over the phone, "forget it...".  Many owners in Pantai Panorama let these 2 handle their properties exclusively... that's how they breed the arrogance. They also appear to have taken care of the security guards very well too. When I went to view a unit there with another agent, the  security asked me who was the agent. If the agent is their "in-house agent", then I do not need to register!

If we have money, we do not need to stoop so low, there are many other nice properties to consider. If I ever find any estate agents representing me this way, I would terminate them.


Anonymous said...

I think you shd put their names so tat those who have interest to purchase PP will know who to avoid...well just my 2cents

KH Lin said...

agree agreee...

Kevin said...

I'm more pissed off by non-punctuality and some even non-showing up.

9 out of 10 agents won't be punctual.

For the arrogance part, I found that they corresponds to the economic cycle. When times are bad, they tend to be a little more humble.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sin Leong,

Could you pls refer one or two agents to me, m thinking of acquiring a property,and wanted a reliable and honest agen. If you could refer one or two, that will be much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I know the agents. I am one of the owner in PP. To be fair, one of the agent is really good (from owner perspective) as he/she manages everything on behalf of the owner - eg repairs and complaints from tenants, hence taking away the headache from the owner :-).

By the way, if your friend is keen on studio unit, check out PJ8 as I do find that location wise, it is as good as PP due to the nearby LRT, and the building is newer

Anonymous said...

IMHO, that reply doesn't sound very arrogant or rude. It depends on personal tolerance level.

Anonymous said...

Some agents I know can be arrogant and drive BMW or Audi or other sports car to show they are trustworthy.
Especially if that area is mostly so call under them. Ie owner trust them with the keys .
They also may co broke and while in that process try to jack up the price to protect their commission.
Although not all are like that but I think lot of them are unfamiliar or sometimes not sure of the entire process and often times transaction may get screwup often due to owner always changing their minds and looking for better offer.. It's not an easy buying process currently need 1+3 months and in between anything straight fwd can become complicated haha

Joanna said...


I am keen to rent PP. can you refer to me the agents? Much appreciated.