Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sommerset Close

At first sight I thought this was a landed property project so close to the city center but at closer inspection, it turns out that this is actually strata titled town houses. Sommerset Close is a guarded community located at the junction of Jalan Loke Yew and Jalan Cheras. It has this fake Victorian old fashioned style architecture.

There appears to be various types of layout. Most are 3 storey terraces as well as 4 storey but each unit only occupy 2 floors. So, for the 3 storey terrace, the lower and upper unit basically share the 2nd level.

The upper units tend to have a single very tiny entrance as the lower unit occupies almost the entire frontage. The width of the entrance is at most about 10ft so that leaves most lower units with only the french window and no proper door at the front entrance.

They would however enjoy a back-door...

As townhouses they are quite compact. However, if compared with apartments, obviously these are more spacious and enjoy separation of the living/eating area and the bedrooms.

Typically, there are 3 bedrooms upstairs, all of them en-suite. The 2nd and 3rd bedrooms however share a common bathroom.

Bedrooms have typical Malaysian style parquet flooring which in my opinion is outdated. The bathrooms are not luxuriously fitted either.

Each unit gets 2 car parks. Perhaps the unfair distribution of the car parks is, some get to park underground where it is protected from sun and rain but others have to park upstairs uncovered.

There is a decent sized swimming pool.

...and some Victorian wannabe landscaping...

This is a leasehold-99 years property. Although townhouses are relatively lower density than apartments, the close proximity of the entrances to the units and the narrow width of the units makes this place rather claustrophobic. This won't make it as an expat enclave so don't expect good rental income here. Local Malaysians tend not to pay more than RM2000 for a family home so I guess this would be mainly own-stay buying. At around RM650k for sizes between 1700sf and 2300sf depending on the layout, location and if they're upper or lower units this is not too bad considering it is about 10mins drive to the city. We're also expecting a LRT station to be built close-by. 


Anonymous said...

I'm quite interested at the ground floor unit, for the spacious interior & location, considering it for both own stay & investment reason.
But my concern is:
- the finishing of the house, looks like a lot of need to be done for renovation work
- property outlook & maintenance, the victorian style wannabe will seems old fashion in 5 yrs time
- appreciation of the property since most of the upper unit is vacant at the moment
Not sure if it is worthwhile for a property that cost about 550-580K, any advise in this? Many thanks.

sinleong said...

nvm 5 years time, the fashion is already outdated now. i would compare this with the condos in the same area as this is also strata titled. and at the end of the day, this is lower density, so for own stay it might be better. but i am not so sure about investment wise...

YL said...

thanks sin leong for ur feedback :)
i just google the developer "fleet century development" and i found 2 information:
- good news: their previous development of Istara Condo at PJ seems to be a decent one
- bad news: found a notice rgd this company - http://www.kpkt.gov.my/kpkt/fileupload/pemaju_senarai_hitam/feb12/gagal_bayar_kompaun.pdf , what does it mean? will it affect the buyer?
pls enlighten me, many thanks