Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's With the G in G-Residence?

There appears to be 2 projects with the same name in Kuala Lumpur - G Residence by IGB at Desa Pandan and there is also the G Residence by a unknown developer Kelang Lama Land Sdn Bhd (Who?) at the Old Klang Road.

The G at the Old Klang Road project probably stands for "Gembira", as it is located close to Taman Gembira a.k.a Happy Garden which is a very established and matured neighbourhood here. The G Residence at Desa Pandan seems to suggest a particular demographic as the majority of purchasers seem to be from a particular community. Haha... that's a joke or it's just my observations when I was at their showroom located at Midvalley...


ssg said...


Would appreciate your quick thoughts abt G Residence Desa Pandan and an investment unit. I'm attracted by its price and developer altho location wise is debatable. What's your take on this?

sinleong said...

what is the price that attracted you?