Friday, September 7, 2012

Selling Owners List... Is it Ethical?

Since about a month before vacant possession in July 2012, I have been receiving text messages and phone calls from estate agents asking me if I would like to sell or rent out my unit at St Mary Residences. In August, the frequency of such intrusions increased to almost 1 to 2 calls a day. I accept that many people would like to have exposure for the properties they invested in so these approaches from estate agents should be very welcome. But by now in September, I must admit that it has started to become really annoying. 

I had wondered how they got my number. It could be through the E&O sales office, the lawyers or even from TNB since I filled up their form with my contact details to register for electricity supply. 

Two days ago, I needed to get my contractor to install electrical fittings. So I had to go to the management office, fill up a form and pay a RM5000 deposit (yes, RM5k!!!). They asked for an alternative number so I gave them my mum's number. The very next day, my mum received a phone call from an estate agent asking her if she would like to rent or sell. And she got another one today. So now, we know the management office is one of the source.

How much is the owners list worth?

According to a friend who works in a developer office, they could well pay from RM5 up to RM10 per contact. Or it could be by commission or success basis but that's harder to monitor. Whatever it is, if you're one of them, please stop it. I already have my own panel of agents... Thank you...


Anonymous said...

Well agents these days getting desperate as prop mkt cools down

Anonymous said...

So annoying..... I feel u

Anonymous said...

in the last 2 years, you can throw a stone into a crowd and you will likely hit a real estate agent. This phenomenon is due to the massive property bubble that has hit the local market. The bubble has popped- and you will see less and less agents in the market... so dun worry- it'll be over soon.

KVMRT Research said...

We support ethical business and no selling of owner list.

Anonymous said...

Can M'sia legalized real estate agent.?? By qualified agent (similar practice in S'pore)can only conduct real estate duties.
Can our real estate impose this system.??

Can we practice exclusive listing.? Australia and London are enjoying this practice. Can Malaysian vendor / landlord mentally practice exclusive listing to just one real estate agent.?? (Then landlord like Sin Leong dont get annoy)

Without the above two system. Agent and the so accused listing seller continue to co-exist.