Tuesday, December 25, 2012

For Sale @ Endah Villa, Sri Petaling : A Charming Condo


I have for sale here a condominium with fantastic views of the Bukit Jalil Commonwealth stadiums. It is a 1,250sf 3-bedroom unit, with 2 bathrooms. 

It is approximately 1km, or 20minutes walk from the Komanwel LRT station and has great accessibility to the MRR2, KESAS and KL-Seremban highway. 

Endah Parade mall, which I admit is not fantastic, is just 2 minutes walk away. The mall has a Carrefour. A short drive away is the Mines Shopping Center. There are also a number of popular restaurants within a few minutes walk. The Sri Petaling pasar malam (night market) happens here, just outside the condo every Tuesday evening.

A few months ago I wrote that this condo was suffering from bad maintenance. Unfortunately, little has improved. Many facilities are not functioning anymore, namely the sauna, gym, tennis courts, reading room and the mini golf. The frequently utilized facilities are however still well patronized, and therefore they are looked after by the management such as the badminton courts, squash courts and the swimming pool. The cafe by the pool has a new proprietor who is doing a much better job than the previous one. Security is also quite strict now.  

The lawns are now well tended and the general cleanliness of the grounds is very good. The buildings however badly need new fresh coats of paint and it is understood that the management is working on it. 

The condo itself was owner occupied initially and later it was rented out to the CEO of a Multinational packing firm in Kota Kemuning for 8 years. After a successful career and saw their children grow up here, the tenant decided to emigrate to Canada where their children are currently studying. The current tenant, a dentistry lecturer at nearby IMU, International Medical University in Bukit Jalil literally moved in the day after.

This is a corner unit, the balcony facing South. It is indeed a very bright and airy unit... the condo has always been taken up by the 1st viewers. 


3-bedroom properties in the Sri Petaling/Bukit Jalil corridor are being transacted at over RM300k. The better ones, and all the new launches are being peddled over RM500k. Endah Villa is in fact one of the better located condos in this area. Unlike Vista Komanwel, it is not closest to the LRT stations or IMU. However, it is within walking distance to all the amenities, shopping and food, hence it is well sought after by families. It is also leasehold, the maintenance is not superb... therefore, the asking price of RM350,000 reflects that. 

Condos in Endah Villa are being advertised in the classifieds from RM330k to RM400k. According to the management office, actual transacted prices do not exceed RM360k. This unit commands a premium considering the corner orientation, it is on the top floor and has an extremely nice and lucky number being Unit no. 8 on the 18th floor of Block No. 8.

The owner has migrated and they are not in a hurry to sell considering that they have a very good tenant who is in Malaysia on a long term contract. If you are interested to buy it, contact me at sinleongng@yahoo.com - as it is tenanted by a family, viewings can only be arranged with serious buyers only.


Anonymous said...

It looks like a run down old condo
In a not too fantastic location.

sinleong said...

not too run down.. as the management corp is already in the hands of the owners.

location is in fact quite fantastic. it's easy to access from MRR2, kesas or from old klang road. there's a carrefour just across the road and all the eating places are within walking distance. LRT is about 20mins walk

Anonymous said...

Well leasehold + old condo .. Well may not be that ideal
The price may just keep go down since the lease is expiring
Location wise Bukit jalil is still quite far away from the action and at night quite quiet
That cArrefour well all I can say is many business failed there and now the occupants mostly those massage ladies from china - u know offering those massage haha
Bukit jalil is a fail dream
After the commenwealth games it mostly an abandoned town with some medical school

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a balanced writeup.
How many more years left in the leasehold and how much is the current monthly rental?

Anonymous said...

I believe the Carrefour there already bankrupt
Recently I go nothing there except the upper floors having many massage CDs aka "china dolls"
Sad to say the only business that's thriving in Msia is massage
Many many places mushrooming
U want to own a house in nice neighbourhoods so u no need pass by suspicious activity places daily
Places like KLcc, pavilllion, mont kiara, hartamas, bangsar, one Utama , mutiara damansara , Kenny hills , desa parkcity, solaris are the places
At least u have a good blend of educated professionals living here instead of monkeys and mat rempits
Also the dining places here are superb
There are plenty of new development coming up in Bukit jalil.. Some developer have forcefully took land - reserve land of Exrubber estate workers

Anonymous said...

Since the current new property is sooooooo expensive
Ppl have warm up to older units which is cheaper
I have also once booked an older condo in pj and it's location really good and also we talking about freehold
I pass the booking payment in cash to agent who say owner have accepted my offer as I did not bring cheque book
Only to my dismay later that day the agent told me some other fella have bought 2 units including what I thought is mine
They already faster / potong and end up I have to get refund from agent via the real estate company
According to the agent the wife already sold to another buyer although the person who I pass the cash to is the husband
I think some other person offer higher and they took although earlier I was assured its mine by the agent
Today many unethical agents
They are scumbags waiting to leech off money from whoever they can find

sinleong said...

u can sue the estate company for the penalty. i had a similar experience... i think u can read about it in my blog... search for "court"

sinleong said...

Carrefour Sri Petaling is stil there and pending decision by the Aeon group might either retain the Carrefour brand or change to a Jusco, MaxValue or Aeon brand.


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