Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Advertising In This Blog

Of late we've been receiving a lot of requests to advertise or write about certain projects in this blog. So, please allow me to post a common response to address all such and future requests.

In fact, I do not see anything wrong with profiting from my blog. However, this is an independent blog about property investments (or collection). We maintain our integrity through this independence. Therefore, I regret that any advertising or blogging or even comments with the purpose to promote any particular project directly or indirectly is strictly prohibited.

In the past, I have advertised and sold some properties through this blog such as:

Endah Villa

Six Ceylon

Mutiara Villa

Some are my own properties or they are properties that I would have bought but do not have the funds to buy so I would like to share the opportunity with my blog readers. To maintain the integrity and reputation of my blog which I have been running since 2008, I would not recommend anything that is over-priced, over-valued or in my opinion, not worth to be invested in.

To be transparent to all blog readers, I do accept and receive finders-fees through such introductions like with any property or business transactions. However, I have also received requests from some friends and families to promote their properties which in my opinion are not attractive investments, some of which are priced too "opportunistically" - I do not advertise or blog about these!

I will also accept for a reasonable fee to advertise non-property advertisments though they may be related to property investments such as furnitures, financing, insurance etc as long as they are legitimate businesses. But if the fee is not reasonable, it is not worthwhile to do it.

So, I hope now everyone is clear about this. Thank you.

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