Thursday, March 28, 2013

Questions For Me....

Each day I receive at least 2-3 questions about Properties. Thank you very much for reading my blog. However, I have no time to respond to every question, especially when 90% of the questions are almost the same. So, please post your questions to my blog, under the most relevant topic and I can respond there so we can all share. Also, perhaps other readers can also help answer them. 

Some readers ask me to help or recommend properties to invest in. From time to time, I do make recommendations. However, you will have to bear in mind that if the property is super duper good, I would have bought it myself. Unless of course I cannot afford it or happen not to be in good cash flow at that moment. Yes, I do share some good buys but I also do need to protect the independence of this blog. 

UPDATE: Interestingly after I posted this blog, I received a few more questions via email. From now onwards, private messages to my email will not be entertained. Please post all your questions in this blog. Thank you.


Prem Khiatani said...

Hi mr sin leong
Im a novice investor living in singapore n considering how expensive properties are in spore and the variuos cooling measures , I was looking at investing in kl.
What are yr views on M city esp their soho units? A local spore real estate agency has offered me the same this week n prompting it to be a no brainer n too rush to buy.
Also yr take on st regis at sentral vs four seasons near klcc. Btw whats the price psf for both st regis n four seasons. Easy to obtain tenants for these apartments. Rental psf generally?
Thanks so much in advance.

sinleong said...

i've already said something about M City some months ago

as for st regis vs four seasons, obviously four seasons for the klcc address is much more desirable compared with kl sentral. i can't comment about the price psf and expected rental as i have not researched this part. generally it's easier to get tenants with the brand irrespective if it's st regis, four seasons, ascott or park royal. however, so as not to set the wrong expectations, we are heading towards a glut as reported by most property analysts. those who tell you there is no glut is trying to sell you something

john said...

Hi Sin Leong,

Is it possible that you could publish your current list of property portfilio?

sinleong said...

no way.... thats like asking me to declare my assets. i am not a public figure, why should i?

Danny Life said...

Hi Sin Leong,

I have a question hope you can help me. The developer would like to charge me the maintenance fee when CF is approve and we still haven't collect my key. Can you please advise usually when should we start paying maintenance fee? after the date collect key or upon CF approval. The developer is keep saying that they start to hire security after the CF is approve. They would like me to start paying.

Thank you.

sinleong said...

ya..they normally start collecting upon VP or project completion... this is their money making time, so i dont think they'll be generous

soliloquy said...

Hi Sin Leong,
Do you have any advice on residential property with damages? Are there any companies in Malaysia that will buy up such properties? Thank you.

sinleong said...

im not sure what u mean or what u r looking for

RE said...

Hi, since you have written a lot on E&O, can you please shine your light on their new development 'the Mews'

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

RE said...

What is your view on the facts train to Singapore? Do iu feel it will have an impact on KL property ?

sinleong said...

yes, especially Sentul area and especially if it's executed properly with connectivty to the MRT/LRT system, this will beneft KL the same way Iskandar is being picked up by Singaporeans