Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bangsar Southview Show Units

As promised, I have uploaded some pics of Bangsar Southview for your enjoyment despite a huge signboard outside their showroom indicating no photography is allowed. That day, I purposely arrived by LRT getting off at the Universiti LRT station. From here, we have a commanding view of the Horizon offices in the background and in front of it is the KL Gateway construction site. Southview Residences is located adjacent to this site.

There are 2 units on display, the 1000sf 3-bedroom units and the smaller 800sf 2-bedroom units. I particularly like the 3-bedroom units which has a nice layout and despite being only 1000sf, they managed to pack 3 spacious looking rooms in. The living room however is a bit cramped due to the wall behind that sofa. If that is not a load bearing wall, I would like to see it demolished.

Many high end apartments in KL also seems to be downsizing the balconies.

Despite the cramped living area, view from the balcony into the apartment shows a spacious dining area and kitchen.

However, the wet-kitchen is only good enough to house a washing machine. There isn't any space for a stove ala Asian cooking.

Below you see the wasted space caused by the wall I mentioned earlier.

Corridor below runs into the 2nd bathroom, with the Master Bedroom and 2nd bedroom on the right and the 3rd bedroom on the left.

The 2nd bedroom appears to be quite spacious even if we increase that single bed size to a queen bed, we still have a lot of space for a bedroom.

Master bedroom below has an attached bathroom. However, there is no long baths. Both bathrooms only sport glassed shower cubicles, a sink and WC.

The single bed in the 3rd bedroom below can also be expanded to a queen and remains spacious.

The 2-bedroom unit however is more suited for a single or couple living. Although the kitchen size appears similar, the most apparent difference is the lack of a wet kitchen.

The dining area is also rather cramped, suitable for a small table only as it comes in between the living/bedrooms and the entrance.

Below is the tiny balcony similar to the one in the 3-bedroom unit.

Here below is the view from the living area into the entrance/kitchen. As you can see if the dining table is any bigger it would be quite disruptive. Notice the dining chairs are quite close together?
Master bedroom below comes with attached bathroom which perhaps is not so good as you enter the room, the 1st thing you see is the bathroom door.

For this unit, the 2nd bedroom is rather small. Just big enough for a single bed, a bit of wardrobe and writing table...

So, in conclusion, if yo are going for the Bangsar Southview Residences, choose the smallest unit or the largest unit, the 3-bedroom units. Anything else in between isn't really worth it.

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