Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bandar Malaysia

Those of us driving into KL from the Seremban-KL highway won't miss the Sungai Besi airport on the left, complete with a landscape view of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower in the background.

This site will be redeveloped. World famous architect Broadway Melyan has been appointed to design the master plan for the area. 

This month, the media has also carried news that the KL-Singapore high speed train will terminate here. So, no more Sentul... You see, in Malaysia, things get changed according to who is in power. The high speed train project was mooted when Dr Mahathir was PM. That time it was YTL, therefore Sentul. Abdullah Badawi put the project on the shelf. When Najib took over, the project is revived and they are now putting it here in Bandar Malaysia... I am not saying this is right or wrong,... just that this is how the way it is ;-)

Obviously there is going to be an effect on properties in KL. Bandar Malaysia is obviously going to create tens of thousands of office lots and so is the TR Exchange just slightly up the same road. This will become the new KL, with everything brand new and modern, it will draw away tenants from the center and other parts of KL. Or it may well set a new benchmark for prices... we'll see.

Meanwhile, let's see what YTL is going to plan for that piece of land which was ear-marked for the KL-Singapore train terminal... how exciting...

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