Friday, August 22, 2014

Block Purchase

With everything nowadays hitting RM1million per transaction, even those tiny little studio units, I am wondering if anyone is interested to buy a small block of about 50 condominiums in the heart of Bukit Bintang. The block consists of 30% 1000sf 2-bedroom units and 70% 650sf 1-bedroom units. The 1-bedroom units work out to be around RM650k each, fully furnished which is a price one cannot find in the city center anymore.

Moreover, the building is freehold and fully tenanted en-bloc to a MNC for a 5-year contract beginning this year. The yield works out to just about 4% per annum on average, with yearly rental increments built into the contract over the 5 years.

Each unit has its own individual title, so it is possible to sell each of them separately or en-bloc in the future.

If interested, get in touch la...


cbteh said...

Hi Sin Leong, Mind to share more details? my email is

Wardah Jamil said...

Can u share?

vicky said...

can you please share some details?
which condominium is this?
thank you in advance.

小土 said...

Dear Sin Leong, am interested.. more details please