Friday, September 5, 2014

Endah Villa - For Sale as a Good Home

If you are looking for a HOME, a nice place to raise a family, do consider this lovely little apartment. It is a 3-bedroom and 2 bathroom corner unit with a nice balcony over-looking the Bukit Jalil sports complex. You will never miss out on any concerts anymore...

Location is in Sri Petaling, approximately 1.2km from the Bukit Jalil LRT station. It is also accessible via the MRRII, the KESAS Highway and the North-South Expressway.  

Endah Villa calls itself a condo. To be brutally honest, it has been badly managed, with facilities falling apart, it's far from being a condominium. The pricing reflects this. However, in the past couple of months, a new management has taken over and they are starting to put things in order. A tender has been issued and will be awarded soon to paint all the 8 blocks in this complex.
The buildings are close to 20 years old now. Being leasedhold, this is not an encouraging fact. As with many leasedhold properties, especially a mismanaged one, the price hasn't increased much and therefore, I say this is a great place to start a home because the purchase price is inexpensive.

A home it is... as you can see from the picture above, Endah Villa is probably one of the few apartments in Kuala Lumpur with such generous grounds. You do not feel like you are cooped up in a dense community. It's a great place to raise kids, as you can see them having lots of space to run around and grow. There is also a lively community hall with badminton and squash enthusiasts converging every evening.

You are also not far from amenities. Conveniently, there is a hypermarket literally across the road and banks and other public utilities not far away.

This is a rare corner unit, with a nice number for an address with liberal dashes of 8's, which is auspicious for the Chinese community. The unit is very bright and windy.

The bedrooms, dining as well as the kitchen windows open out to a great view, with fresh air flow unlike those intermediate units facing an air-well. 

This unit was put up for sale over a year ago and was successfully sold within days. Unfortunately, the paper work was not proper. Therefore, the buyer withdrew and we had to go through processes with the developer and lawyers. Finally, the matter has been settled and a strata title is now being issued. During the whole process, the unit was rented out to a young family.

I know many punters are going to ask me how much is the rent as they want to buy it for investments. Although rental here can go as high as RM2,000/month and some fully-furnished units fetch RM2,200/month, I discourage the notion that this is an investment. The opportunity to purchase this should go to a young family who wants a great place for to raise their kids and live. My sister lived here with her husband and after they migrated overseas, it was rented out to a foreign family with 2 children. Their 2 children were in elementary school when they lived there up till the elder daughter graduated from medical school. The family subsequently moved to Canada.

The current tenant is a dentistry professor at nearby IMU. He and his wife moved in a year ago with their young son and recently they have just given birth to a baby girl. This is the story of this place called HOME :)  

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