Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Proposed : A Landlord - Tenant Directory

As I have been both a landlord and tenant, since I sub-let a lot, I have my fair share of tenants and landlords antics.

Generally I find there are a lot of investors out there who don't really look after their properties. They are the arms-length investor. When you rent their apartments, there are many teething problems which you have to solve yourself. And those who do look after their properties can be very petty. I rented 2 apartments from this guy and paid him tens of thousands. At the end of it, he was calculating how much to deduct from me for burnt light bulbs. He said they were brand new so should not be covered by wear and tear. When I asked him for the receipts, since they were less than 1 year old, I'd claim warranty from the shop he bought them from, he kept quiet.

I have one landlord who until today, after one year, has not refunded my deposit. He kept on delaying with all sorts of excuses like being overseas etc. I sent a debt collector to his office and his secretary keeps telling the collector to come back every week.

There are many more horror stories, too many to list. There is one who hangs up when he hears me complaining that his air-cond is leaking or washing machine not working.

What we need is a Landlord and Tenant Directory. Similar to the hotel booking sites where Tenants can give feedback about the property and the owner. Sites such as Airbnb also allows the Landlords to comment about the tenants. This will force everyone to behave if they want to continue to rent or let apartments.


apex property investment said...

This is superb! I would love to have this landlord tenant directory just like a CICRIS score.

crzy deal said...

Interesting. My partner and I should be given an award as super nice landlord as compared. We recently rented out a few apartments that having issues, we have been sending contractors not less than 6-7 times just to fix things up. And we even went out and search how to transfer their deposit oversea because of a request from our tenant as foreign students that don't feel comfortable to bring so much cash home.. :) Perhaps we went too much above and beyond..

Hope you can encounter landlord like us in future :)

sana ako si ricky lee said...

Good idea to have the landlord-tenant directory. We can check on those blacklisted landlord and tenants. Early this year I rented my house to a Argentinian who teaches in Kingsley. My house is fully furnished. After one year of staying there they destroyed many of the things in the house. My worst nightmare was the leak from the kitchen sink which the tenant couldn’t be bothered to inform me nor even try to get the plumber to fix it. The grill locked is spoilt, aircond not service and the sofa..The pipe in the common toilet is leaking. I want to faint seeing the condition of the sofa. I have stayed in the same house for 7 years before I decided to rent it out. My experienced with this Argentinian couple is good enough to give me nightmares. It makes me wonder how a school teacher can have such character and irresponsible attitude. Worst of all I was too honest to return back their deposits as they said to me that they can still pay me even if they are back to their country. So when I sent the husband the email on the lists of wear and tear together with the photos there was completely silent. No further reply from this couple at all.