Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Once in a while

Once in a while I'd like to post my rants as a property owner in this blog.

If you are renting a property in Malaysia, appreciate it if your landlord provides you with Internet. You cannot imagine the hell he has to go through dealing with YOU and the service provider to install the service and restore it when it fails.

How many of us here feel like we are renting Wifi instead of apartments?


Anonymous said...

Dear friends,

I am Win, living in Jakarta. As the Malaysian Ringgit has been depreciating in recent months, what about the property prices in KL and PJ ? I am thinking of buying a property in KL or around that area. Can anyone give me some info which area is worth buying and is it the best time to buy now ? Thanks

quicky said...

Really appreciate your views on KL property and I just finish after 2 weeks reading all you post.

Agreed. When providing more convenience, more trouble. Its not only internet, even if the astro have some problem, we the one been blame as like the problem coming from us.


sinleong said...

If you have foreign exchange now, converting it to RM and investing in property will mean an instant gain of 25%... Provided the currency recovers by the time you liquidate. So go for it!

Patch said...

Sin Leong, the problem is that wifi is nowadays very impt, particularly from the tenants viewpoint. Unfortunately, Malaysia and vendors like TM has not elevated the response level and time for internet downtime.
I rather the tenant rent their own Internet services directly... But then, you deal with expaitaires tenants, not me....