Friday, October 23, 2009

Renovations at Pangsapuri Subang Jaya

Following the success of the 1st apartment at Subang Jaya SS15, I was fortunate enough to buy another unit, which coincidentally is directly beneath the 1st one.

Thus, embarking on another journey of renovations and furniture shopping. I am also fortunate enough to come across a very understanding seller who is willing to give me vacant possession when I paid the booking fee. (N.B: However, this arrangement is risky and not encouraged and only possible if there is this element of trust between buyer and seller). A tenant was found also on the same day and we have exactly 1 month to deliver the apartment to the tenant.

Below are some pictures of the apartment before and during renovations. I will post pics after renovations in exactly 1 month to show you the results. Keep posted...

pictures above and below: Bedroom 4 before and during renovation

pictures above and below: Bedroom 3 before and during renovations
pictures above and below: Dining Area before and during - the dining area will become the kitchen

pictures above and below: The Kicthen before and during - the kitchen will become another bedroom with a balcony. It is important this is done carefully as this balcony serves as a fire escape. Safety is first!

pictures above and below: Master bedroom before and during renovations

pictures above and below: One of the 2 bathrooms before and during renovations

The major part of the renovation is the electrical wiring and plumbing. It was discovered during the inspection that the Electric DB was not able to support 4 air-cons. This apartment was constructed almost 20 years ago when homes typically only have 1 air-con (When air-cons were expensive!). The kids rooms can only accomodate fans. The piping was done using Galvanised Iron Pipes which has since rusted and blocked.

The parquet was removed some time ago due to termite infection. I do not like the tiles and tiles are really not suitable for bedrooms. The 1st thing your feet touches when you wake up must not be cold. Over years, one would develop arthritis. Hence, we are going to cover the bedroom floors with termite-free teak wood (laminate... hahaha!).

The door of the master bedroom is also adjusted to give common access to its' bathroom so that the ratio of tenants to bathrooms will be 2:1. The sink will be relocated out of the bathroom so that people who are just applying make-up or brushing their teeth will not get in the way of those with more pressing or desperate agendas!

Keep posted for the results!


foozi said...

Great investment! You mentioned elsewhere that you put in a water pump for better water pressure in the first apartment. May I know what is the most suitable water pump brand which is silent and reliable?

haruki said...

Congrats sinleong! What do you think of a similar investment in Neo-Cyber for MMU students? But the price of the apartment is quite steep - >Rm300/s.f.

sinleong said...

haruki, it's difficult to find accommodation in cyberjaya. not only MMU, there is also a limkokwing college there. people who invested in places like cyberia and all that tend to find tenants very easily. however, as you pointed out, at 300psf,it might be a challenge to make your rent viable to students.

sinleong said...

i bought a grundfos pump. but lately just noticed that the low water pressure was caused by the old GI pipes being blocked. in hindsight, should have spent the money to change all the pipes instead of investing in a pump.