Thursday, October 1, 2009

Win Win Lose Situation - Guaranteed Rental Return
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cblau wrote:
Visit dua residency the other day and there is this landlord selling his f/f unit 2.3ksft @ 1k psf and willing to guarantee 12k rental per month ... Non furnish units i still see ads asking Rm 850 psf ... Actually this is not a bad place to stay consider the asking price ...

Sinleong: This guarantee high rental rate is an old trick... I hope you guys think about it.

2300sf @ RM1000psf = RM2.3million

Normal price is RM850psf i.e. RM1.955million

Difference is RM345,000.

Rental guarantee is worth RM12k x 12months = RM144,000.00

I can get my friend to sign the tenancy agreement with you. After 12 months, my friend moves out. He gets to stay in Dua Residency for 12 months and I get RM200k more for my sale. WIN WIN LOSE Situation. Haha!

Don't forget, you pay maintenance fees over this 12 months... RM0.40 x 2300sf = RM920/month or RM11,040 per year.

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Anonymous said...

Simple calculation but great sharing. How cum we never thought of that? :)