Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rebirth of Sunway PJS7 - Taylors College Lakeside Campus

Taylors College is one of the biggest and most established private college in Malaysia. Currently, their college is spread our over many locations throughout KL. With the construction of this Lakeside Campus, they are seeking to consolidate all the degree courses into one location.

At the peak of this campus' operations, they will have a total of 11,000 students and staffs on site. The location of this campus is on one side of the LDP highway, right by the Sunway toll on the PJS7 side. PJS7 is, one would say... the sleepy side of vibrant Sunway as it is isolated by the busy and traffic congested LDP highway. Before passing further comments, I'll take you through the campus:

picture above: The atrium of the college and the administrative block

picture above: A man-made stream for rain water collection

picture above: The retail and accomodation block. These students dorms will house 900 rooms and apparently each room is twin-sharing with each student paying close to RM700 per month

picture above: The esplanade and the lake which will host the water sports activities

picture above: View of Lagoon Perdana apartments which should provide housing for students in this campus but accessibility is totally cut off by the LDP highway. There is no pedestrian crossing and the only way to get from Lagoon Perdana to Taylors is to take a big loop from the junction of the NPE highway. Getting back is no problems though..

picture above: More parking space and more land for development of future phases South of the campus

picture above and below: Typical lecture theatres

picture above: Skylight along the corridors provide natural lighting

picture above: Inside the 3-storey library

picture above: The administrative block and atrium as seen from the library

picture above: The library

picture above: The academic block
The whole idea of the tour above is to let you sight an actual multi-million ringgit campus. And Taylors College would not have chosen a WORSE location. PJS7 is an "island" - sorrounded by the Klang river which cuts it off from Kinrara, the LDP Highway which cuts it off from the rest of Sunway, KESAS highway which cuts it off from Puchong and the NPE which cuts it off from Sunway PJS5. Hence, the place is a traffic nightmare. Once you get in, you hardly want to go out to face the traffic nightmare. Walking is not an option too. And accomodation and food is scarce and expensive here.
As a result, the 3000 odd students already on campus in the 1st phase are stuck with little choice but to pay. This has a direct impact on the property prices. Although in a bad locality, a standard 2 bedroom link house price has gone up from RM280k in 2008 to RM340k in 2009 and RM450k in 2010. The only condominium in this area, Sunway Court has gone up from RM150k to RM250k for a 900sf 3-bedroom walk-up unit. If you are not already in, it's too late to even consider if you want to make decent returns. To top it all up, these are leasehold properties.

picture above: The Mutiara Perdana apartments as seen from the campus. Mutiara Perdana, a problem-logged project which at the beginning had problems getting a CF and was struggling to sell at around RM110k for each 3-bedroom unit has suddenly shot up to RM230k to RM240k. Owners are getting rentals of RM1500 to RM2000 for each unit depending on the furnishing. Mutiara Perdana is only 5 minutes walk to the campus


sinleong said...

i was just there on monday morning and oh my god...the early morning traffic jam starts from the federal highway all the way into the parking lot of the college. it took 1 hour. i think those who invested students rooms here can raise the rent by at least RM100 more per room because many students who commutes will decide to stay closer so they won't be late for class.

Anonymous said...

Hi,spotted your blog talk about this taylor lakeside campus. i decided to buy a condo unit which is very close to taylor lakeside campus however like you said
it's too late to even consider if you want to make decent returns.

So i change my mind and wait and see, after did some calculation, i really earn very little for that condo rental per month. So not a good investment tot.

Anonymous said...

Too late la.... From the looks of the price direction...this type of pricing I might as well get somewhere near damasara mutiara.. Easier to rent and students... Difficult la.

Anonymous said...

OMG! you gotta be mad if you're ever thinking about Mutiara Perdana. The project was abandoned and don't even have sewerage system. Every day the shit smell wafts into the apartments, truly unbearable. Flies and mosquitoes are plenty day and night. On top of that the owners have become notoriously greedy charging the poor students RM500-Rm600 two to a room, some even with miserable 2nd hand furniture. Some units are even partitioned into more little rooms to collect more rent. A unit can even house up to 6-8students in those 3 bedrooms. How can you study? Don't send you children there to suffer 3 or more years. Go stay at Taylor's domitory lah.

sinleong said...

aiya...not exactly true la... if u look at the ads in, mutiara perdana rooms are rented out between RM350 to RM600 per room, depending whether aircon and bills are provided or not. 2ndly, the owners installed the sewerage themselves after the developer fled. it's working fine. there are indeed greedy owners who pack up to 5 rooms into their apartment but at the same time, there are also many vacant rooms. this is mainly due to no phone line available in this apartment, hence no internet. the wireless providers dont cover this place very well.

Amy Chiew said...

Hi SinLeong, nice to read your blogs. TQ so much for your efforts. However, since then after 2010, you have not come back to this property - Mutiara Perdana Sunway PJS7. It is very much better now and the tenure has converted from LH to FH. It is the only piece of FH land in Bandar Sunway. TMnet has laid fibre optic cable in March 2014. The recent sub-sale price has shot up >400k. Any comments?