Friday, April 30, 2010

Transformation of Block J, PJS7/15

Much has been said in this blog about PJS7 where the new Taylors College main campus now resides. Apparently, Taylors College spend a few hundred million on this campus, hence the college is here to stay. So, like it or not, PJS7 have to develop. But it is difficult to develop this area because there really isn't many pieces of empty land left here. It consists mainly of residential terraced type houses and the only high-rise residentials are limited to Sunway Court, Mutiara Perdana and some low cost flats beside the College itself.
picture above: Block J

Block J is literally located beside the College. This location can mean 2 things for the future of this flat - many of them will be turned into students accomodation or it will be torn down for future development into commercial and residential properties. For both these reasons, it is worth if one can, to invest in this property.

picture above: View of the College Admin Block from Block J

picture above: Sunway Court

picture above: Mutiara Perdana

picture above: Block J Unit 2nd floor

Recently, a close relative of mine managed to purchase a unit in Block J above. So, they have engaged my help to transform this unit into a students' dorm until a time when they might want to move and stay here in the future. Or pass them on to their children when they grow up.

Of course, Block J being a low-cost flat was pretty run-down at the exterior. For a period of time, it was tenanted. While the tenant took relative good care of the place, it was still quite shabby after more than 20 years.

So began a transformation...
The flat is really very small, about 600sf. But it is really functional. There are 3 bedrooms, 1 of them bigger than the others. So it is really ideal for a family of 4 or even 5. There is a kitchen, a bathroom with WC and a living cum dining area. The previous owner, having just a small family decided to hack off the walls of the 3rd bedroom, converting it into his dining area.

The renovation was really very simple. Basically, we covered the floor with laminated flooring and painted the walls white. Besides some electrical wiring, nothing else was done but the results as you can see below, totally transformed the place...

This is the kitchen, below. It was actually quite a nice homely kitchen before we threw out all the stuffs. It has a window that looks out to a lovely garden where some families hang their clothes and the garden has various trees, including a coconut tree which made it have a kampung feel to the place. But the floor tiles and of course, the horrible green interior have to go.

Again, we white-washed the walls. Some simple retiling over the existing tiles, blended in well with the walls, washing machine and kitchen utensils. We maintained the tiles at the bottom of the kitchen top for some colour - and to save costs.... There is also an additional tap for filtered water at the sink (not visible from this photo below) for drinking.

The bedrooms are small and cramped. So, the white-wash, white curtains and white furniture added that feel of space.

Above, before and below after the room's transformation. Surprisingly, we still managed to fill it up with a 4 x 2 feet study table with enough room for a chair. There is even a 3 foot wardrobe at the foot of the bed.

Below is the former dining area which we have managed to box-up into a room again. Despite being the smallest room, it has 2 windows unlike the other 2 rooms.

I like this room the most because it has a nice view same as the kitchen's. The corner side window is covered with bamboo shade. It looks nice and at the same time, very cost effective.

The most obvious transformation happened in the bathroom. Being a very old low cost flat, it has the squat-type WC. Abuse by the previous tenant made it look very un-inviting... It was not dirty or smelly, just that mould has set into the paint which made the toilet looks bad.

Figuring that our modern kids might not be used to a squat-WC and they may even slip and fall inside, we changed the WC to a modern sitting type. White colour so it blends in with the white tiles and walls. We added a bidet for convenience...

The shower had also seen better days.

We tiled the wall half-way to save cost and also for future consideration in case we might want to change the colour of the walls. For now, it is going to be white. Standard in all my renovations, I added a "shoulder" for shampoo, shower gel, soap and other beauty products...

The aim is to control on the budget. The entire renovation still managed to fit in below RM20k; using cost effective yet good lasting materials. However, if we have more money to work on, I would change the piping and water tank. For now, it is still functional but not sure for how long.
One other major concern is security. While the renovations was on-going there was an attempt to break in through the main door. We immediately changed the locks and added a dead-bolt. Of course, we will now think twice to hang out our Prada and LV to dry on the balcony. So, we have to introduce a dryer. Shortly, we will also be installing burglar and fire alarms for added safety.

This is no luxury condominium. I think the expectation is right, if we call this a low cost flat. The aim is to make the interior comfortable. Coupled with the good location, added security and safety, these will surely out-weigh the bad points.



I followed you here from a forum I lurk in and I'm blown away by the transformation of this low cost flat!


Anonymous said...

Are you selling this flat then? Hoho. Really would like to buy one low cost flat and transform it to be comfortable enough like you did..

sinleong said...

thank you. i am not the owner of this flat. however, if you are interested to buy i can discuss for you. contact me at

Anonymous said...

Can i have your contractor contact?How much do your relative spend in this renovation?

sinleong said...

my contractor does a good job every time but i won't introduce him because sometimes he can also be very expensive if you don't check or compare prices. i don't want people who read my blog to think that i am making a commission.

Anonymous said...

Star: May i know where you bought the white color bed? and the flat rent out for how much? Thansk for sharing

James said...

Hi Sin Leong,

thx for the good info about property investment. I hope you can help with these 2 questions.

1. Do you rent out rooms individually or the whole unit for student housing?

2. During long semester break, are the units rented out?

Thanks a lot.


sinleong said...

some are rented out room by room. you get more money this way but it's difficult to chase for rent and you will have problems when the tenants dispute their utility bills.

James said...

Thx Sin Leong

Ng said...

HI Sin Leong, just found ur blog, it is very interesting. I am just starting to built my property portfolio. May i know how many properties u have now for investment? how munch ur relative buy the flat?

sinleong said...

sorry... that would be confidential... won't want to attract wrong attention ;)

Andrew Wong said...

I am a student of Taylor's and currently looking for a place which is more affordable in low cost flat. Any idea where can I get one or do u have the contacts so that I can contact to ? Thanks a lot =D

sinleong said...

Rental of my rooms in Sunway PJS7 starts from RM300. But there is no vacancy at the moment. Keep in touch