Friday, April 22, 2011

Putrajaya - Yara 8

With Cyberjaya booming, the housing market will be making a windfall. I think some of it will be rubbing on to Putrajaya. That is why, there has been some interesting developments here recently. But nothing is more interesting than Yara8 by Putrajaya Holdings as this is a very niche development of Semi-D units by the Putrajaya Lake. There are only 26 units.

Yara8, aptly named after Melbourne's Yarra river (though a bit deceiving as this development is by a lake, not a river!) is located in Presinct 8. There is a very nice jogging path running along the development which is by the lake with a breath-taking view of the Putra mosque and the imposing Prime Minister's office.

Putrajaya Lakeclub (below) is located right beside. And not too far across the road is a school, a foodcourt, wet market and small township with banks.

As the Yara8 semi-Ds back into the lake, the front actually faces existing semi-Ds. These were built and sold for less than RM750k about 10 years ago and currently few units have surfaced in the market at around RM1m. Not too great an appreciation one would think but that could be due to its' heinous designs.

Obviously, Putrajaya being a seat of the Federal government, the first occupants are mainly government servants. There are also quite a number of Bumiputera allocated units which tends to suppress the price capability.

The best selling point, has to be the view. With complete unblocked views of either the lake or a park ...

... which flows right into the master bedroom window like a scenic painting on the wall..

...also enjoyed from the bathroom...

...and some may even get the impressive view of the Putra mosque...

The units itself do not look too bad. With contemporary straight lines, flat roofing and large windows...

These are 3 storey units. The lowest floor consist of the maid's quarters, complete with a small pantry, storage room and bath. There is also a separate maid entrance. There are 3 sides which includes the said maid's entrance,

The front porch entrance...

And the back entrance which opens out to the lake and jogging path. This part also includes a small pool, suitable as a spa jacuzzi or a fish pond, depending on your fetish...

Privacy is ensured by lifting the pool part one level above the jogging path outside.

The large windows are designed with no other motive except to enjoy the views outside. The living room and dining area is exceedingly spacious.

There is a open sky garden in the middle of the living area which separates the main entrance and the living hall.

There are 2 kitchens - one being a dry kitchen that is also part of the living hall and a wet kitchen. Unfortunately I was not able to photograph the kitchen as it is very small. This is without the cabinets so I wonder how bad it will get when the full set up is moved in.

Despite the hefty price tag starting from RM1.8m, I am also quite disappointed to find a lack of luxury materials such as marble or quality granite to adorn the baths and flooring.

Nevertheless, at the range of RM1.8m to RM2m per piece, this is still not a bad investment considering the prized location and the limited 26 units. Also, comparing against the projects in Cyberjaya such as MyDiva or Trillium which are almost similarly priced, the Yara8 is a steal. This is a collectors item.

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