Friday, March 23, 2012


As 600 of the Mayland's Dorsett Place Waterfront 2000 units were selling like hotcakes despite all the bad points about this developer, See Hoy Chan comes in with their Uptown Residence and shows everyone what quality and value for money is all about.

Uptown is considered the main commercial area of the Petaling Jaya-Damansara "city". It can be comparable to Subang Jaya SS15. Where SS15 have colleges and large student population, Uptown has Grade A offices with multinationals such as Tetrapak, Orange, Agilent etc. etc. So, despite the massive congestion in this area where public transport is absolutely useless, Uptown continues to attract.

Today See Hoy Chan soft launched their Uptown Residences which consists of 2 towers - a Family Tower consisting of 30 storeys with 200 apartments and a Lifestyle Tower, 32 storeys with just 170 apartments. So, this is extremely low density considering the cost of land in Uptown which beats Mayland's SS12 Subang Jaya blind-folded and hands down, See Hoy Chan still manages to price their fully furnished units just above RM800psf compared with Mayland's RM760psf. Needless to say, even before the doors opened for their soft launch, all units in the Lifestyle Tower were sold out. On the 2nd day, 50% of the multi-million RM units in the Family Tower have been sold.

Apparently what happened was, beginning yesterday, punters started receiving sms-es inviting them to preview and book units today 23rd of March 2012. Whether they were plain stupid, ignorant or just trying their luck and being smart, they started to converge at the sales room yesterday itself. Then they "beat down the door" and "almost at gun point forced" the sales people to take their money and sell them units of this property. Scary as it sounds, this was very close to what happened yesterday.

So, what's this fuss about?

While Mayland is peddling 2000 odd of their tiny bedrooms with kitchen without car parks arranged in long rows like the hospital wards next door, See Hoy Chan gives buyers 6 units per floor, all corner units served by 4 lifts. Their Family Tower has 8 units per floor and every 2 units are served by 2 lifts - with their own personal lift lobby. Up to 3 car parks are provided for each unit! The furnishing, which in my opinion is very good quality is optional and you may opt not to have it and pay less. And if you change your mind just before the Vacant Possession, you may still have the furnishing by topping up the purchase price. This is in contrast to the cheap furnitures that Mayland forces down your throat.

Above: The Lifestyle Tower floor plan with 6 units per floor ranging from 734sf to 1040sf
Below: The Family Tower with 8 units per floor, every 2 units are "autonomous" with their own lift lobby

I will post some pictures later but I think the website probably serves more justice to this project at

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Andy said...

I just bought one unit @ Uptown Residence... Uptown Rocks!!!