Friday, March 30, 2012

Dorsett Place: Hotel operator in trouble over apartment plan

There has been a lot of talk about the car parking (..or lack of) issue for the Dorsett Place Waterfront. This week, they've decided to sell their car parks at RM28,000 per piece. This cost will be added into the purchase price in the S&P agreement. Before all the dust can even settle, something else has kicked in...

Hotel operator in trouble over apartment planPublished: Fri, 30 Mar 2012
SUBANG JAYA: A hotel which is allegedly offering buyers service apartment units may be violating its Planning Permission (PP) obtained from the Subang Jaya Municipal Council.

“I received brochures in my email about the hotel inviting people for a property preview this weekend,” said Subang Jaya (MPSJ) councillor Dr Loi Kheng Min.

He made the revelation during the MPSJ full board meeting yesterday and called for the council to take action against the hotel.

If found guilty, the hotel could have its PP forfeited and would have to refund any deposits made by guests during the property preview.

A PP needs to be acquired from the local council before any developments are carried out. The main difference in the PP requirements of a hotel from a service apartment is the allocation of parking space.

Earthworks are being carried out for the alleged service apartments.

Council president Datuk Asmawi Kasbi. said MPSJ will be meeting hotel officials next week for clarification.


Live Long MU Fan said...

In the past, too many high-density apartments have been build without adequate car-parks and impact to traffic density. Tt seems like the BN government does not care. Let us hope that the Pakatan govt. are more diligent and professional in such matters.

Krystle said...

HI Sin Leong, so have they got the license approved already? I really appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance.

sinleong said...

apparently they have... although quite disappointing. MPSJ approved the plan to just build 1300 car parks despite there being 2000 units.

Anonymous said...

hey sinleong, did you hear about the car park issue of Dorsett Waterfront in the newspaper? Apparently, the issue has not been resolved and by the look of it, it will continue to deteriorate. Many claims and complaints have been submitted and buyers were even cancelling their purchase. You bought one as well, didn't you?

sinleong said...

ya..i heard about it. i heard mayland kept insisting the permit has been given last year and hence they can proceed. but MPSJ says the permit was given for construction of a hotel but here it looks like it is a serviced apartment. so, MPSJ is right and the permit can be withdrawn is mayland does not comply. if this happens, buyers can sue mayland for their deposit.

Anonymous said...

well, it is obvious that Mayland has taken advantage of the permit given. It is a different situation if they were to "extend/expand" their Grand Dorsett hotel, which is the ground on which the permit was awarded. But instead, they were trying their luck to convert the entire project into a service apartment and try to sell it to make profit. Now, all they can do is to "twist" around the story and excuses. MPSJ would never have awarded the permit if they knew about the service apartment plan/congestion/lack of car park issue from the onset.

I'm not sure how it will turn out now. God bless them and the buyers. Having said these, are you going for any lawsuit if the project is going downsouth?

Lance said...

Hi Sinleong,

Do you have any updates for the Dorsett studio? I'm kind of worried now as this is my first time investment in property.

I've signed my S&P already. As per the agreement, bank will slowly release our money from our loan to developer throughout these 44 months. What will happen if at the end, the unit is not completed ? Means we have to start paying our debt for nothing ? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Kindly need your expertise to advise.