Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Effect of KL MRT and LRT Extension Project On Property

Significant Impact!

My hunt for properties along the LRT track has taken me to the future. That is because the pool of options along the existing track has become quite scarce and obviously, prices quite unviable. USJ is a potential area. The existing Putra LRT track currently ends at Kelana Jaya. Construction work has begun for the line extension from Kelana Jaya to Ara Damansara, then onto Subang Jaya SS16 (Subang Parade), between SS15 and SS17, between SS14 and SS18 and then it turns towards USJ, first stop between USJ6 and USJ7. There are 3 stations in USJ before the LRT goes into Putra Heights.

Within weeks of news of the LRT station locations, property prices in Subang Jaya and USJ almost doubled. For example, a 22x75feet double storey link house in USJ2 climbed from RM380,000 to just under RM600,000. One might argue that property prices, especially landed have been moving upwards anyway but nothing else is responsible for such an exponential climb. Moreover, there has been an exodus of residents from USJ and Subang Jaya towards newer suburbs such as Kota Damansara and Kota Kemuning, many blaming the unbearable traffic jam (... but only to find themselves in worst jam areas) and the high crime rate.

Some strata properties are still worth considering, being under the RM300,000 "affordability barrier". As income remains stagnant, I think anything below RM300k remain the most attractive investment as majority of new wage earners collects less than RM4000/month. They are never going to get any loan higher than RM300k. Strata properties within the 200m radius of these 3 stations in this price range include:

1. Subang Perdana Court 1, USJ6
2. Subang Perdana Court 2, USJ6
3. Subang Perdana Court 3, USJ8
4. Rhythm Avenue, USJ19
5. Subang Starville, USJ19

picture above: Rhythm Avenue in USJ19 - once a pariah project now valuation above RM330k for the 3 bedroom apartment units despite no car park allocated for owners

Unit in the Subang Perdana Court1 walk up apartments were being transacted around RM140k to RM190k up to December 2011. Then suddenly prices surge above RM200k in 2012. Recently, I found a low floor unit here advertised at RM220,000. On the same day, the agent said the owner has increased the price to RM270k and somebody is already writing the cheque. Realizing that this may be an attempt to get me to bid higher, I told the agent to let it go. When people begin to scramble like they are buying hot egg tarts, it's not worth investing anymore...

picture above: Goodyear Court 10, further away but still within the 1km radius of the new LRT extension in USJ


David said...

any idea wats the current price for a 1st floor unit for SP COurt 6? pretty near to court 3..

price b4 LRT work and after work starts?

whr will the LRT stop/station actually located in USJ6? mmm

Anonymous said...

There are some units that are less than 150K, in Subang Perdana Court 10, those ungated, unguarded one are good values, just behind Starville, go have a look yourselves

KVMRT Research said...

LRT and MRT, good place to invest in.

sinleong said...

i know court 3 which is just beside the prospective LRT station, last year my friend sold his 3rd floor unit for RM190k... I understand the asking price is now over RM300k...

Charles@homes for sale Philippines said...

I have a friend in Malaysia and she mention this to me. Any updates of this please? Thanks.

willchh said...

Well, I have bought a unit (Court 3, 3rd floor, or 2nd floor if the landing floor is Ground floor) at RM268,000, October 2012. A bit pricey but this is what I can afford at a good location.