Friday, August 10, 2012

Calling ALL Furniture BUYERS!!

I've been struggling to find good furniture that are not too expensive to fit into my recent acquisitions. Problem in Malaysia is, you've got those really high end designer stuffs which are just off limits. I mean, we're talking about spending RM2k to RM3k for a dining chair. L-shaped duck feather stuffed sofas going for RM15k and above. 

Then coming down to the other end, we've got those el-cheapo furniture shops you see by the highways. And somewhere in between, if you go to the many home fairs in Malaysia, you find those Cina Apek furniture with designs that will please your grandparents. I am sick of going to Malaysian home fairs. They are always packed with the same old faces, peddling wood laminated floor and leather sofas that look like those we find in seedy massage joints in Guangzhou. 

Then there's Ikea...

But for the higher end properties, Ikea is absolutely not allowed. But this is really the only decent place to find modern and nice furniture (not necessarily good quality) at a decent price. However, no... Ikea, you cannot put in a million dollar condo. Cannot!

So one has to venture further and where else but Thailand.... Last year I went to the Bangkok International Gifts and Homefair. It was much smaller than previous years but nevertheless not disappoint. I have contacted the suppliers again for a quote for these lovely chairs...

These are typical stuffs you find at high end furniture shops in KL such as Gudang, Bauhaus etc and I don't think you can find a dining chair in there for under RM1k unless there is a sale. So these fine oak wood chairs costs just US$155 each. If I get them sent over, with shipping plus tax they will still be less than RM1k.

Now, to find like-minded property owners or investors who want to make the cost lower by sharing out a 40feet container. There are other stuffs in the catalogue as well. If you give me a call, we can organize a meeting, place orders or if necessary make a visit to the factory in Bangkok. What say you? Contact me before 15th August 2012!


Property Investment Courses said...

Nice furniture. I always searching some unique furniture for my own use. I've visited many of websites but this furniture is looking beautiful and very unique and it has inspired me a lot. thanks for the post..:)

Anonymous said...

I just bought a million dollar house in pj
What furniture can get , on one hand I may rent it out
So I may not want to spend much money such as buying Ming dynasty vases or buying some rosewood furnitures
Or some expensive paintings
Probably adequate and simple will do

sinleong said...

where can we find something simple and nice in Malaysia? Usually simple and nice = expensive here in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

While viewing some other condo units in KL
I notice some of them are really nicely furnish almost like a perfect home
They have quality kitchen cabinet , nice bathtubs, nice beds, wardrobe
But these units usually more expensive by rm 100 grand
Then I go to view some other not so nicely furnish unit
And my god the difference is huge ,it's dirty , kitchen cabinet has drop, wall stained, cooking stench, it's a messy family staying: basically tenants can really mess up that place
So maybe I think I shld not furnish too much as later those tenant will trash it uP anyway
I think need at least rm 30 k to make it feel like a home
I think it's easier to furnish a condo compare to a house

Anonymous said...

I Am interested in rose wood furniture
Any chance can get it for cheap
They don't use rose wood or cengal nowadays they use those rubber wood or those which can't last long