Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Raising Money to Invest In Properties - Introducing Guest Blogger Michael Ehlert

I was in London recently and caught up with an old friend, Michael who used to live and row with us in Malaysia. He is now based in London. It is always very interesting to chat with him, this time over a cup of tea in Greenwich. Michael is in the business of raising money or helping people/companies to raise money for their projects.

Before I post up some interesting articles that Michael wrote, may I just do a brief introduction. Born and raised a German, Michael was educated as a banker have worked for 20+ years in different sectors of ļ¬nancial services - all around raising equity. He has been self-employed since the age of 24 and has always been involved with real assets - from solid real assets (real estate, infrastructure) to green real assets (timber, agriculture, solar), transport real assets (commercial vessel & aircraft) and lifestyle real assets (diamonds, watches, wine). The total assets he has raised are about €250m, 60% of which were for real estate.  

There you go, all you Donald Trump wannabe... here's a guy you would like to get to know...

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