Sunday, July 7, 2013

Seri Bukit Ceylon - 2 units for Sale

A friend wants to sell... 2 apartments at Seri Bukit Ceylon

Level 21 - RM1,071,000.00 - (1260 sq.ft), 2-bedroom 2-bathrooms facing West/North corner unit

Level 22 - RM580,000.00 - (590.93sq/ft), 1-bedroom 1-bathroom facing North

The price is negotiable

Reason for selling - to raise cash for another investment. I can only post up pics after 20th July as they are both currently tenanted. While the 2-bedroom unit is the largest unit in Seri Bukit Ceylon, it is a bit clumsy. The 1-bedroom unit however, is quite interesting...


apex property investment said...

is the one bedroom is open to negotiation...?

sinleong said...

the last price is RM580k.. but if you buy both, the total is RM1.55m