Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Unique Seri Bukit Ceylon 1-bedroom Unit For Sale

Earlier I posted about the 2 units for sale. They are in fact still available and the 1-bedroom unit has attracted more than 30 interests. However, as it is tenanted, viewing has been very challenging to organize. The tenant has just moved out and pending a new tenant moving in this 31st of August 2013, there is a small window for viewings. If you are still keen, get in touch a.s.a.p. - sinleongng@yahoo.com

This 1-bedroom unit is unique because out of the 111 units available at Seri Bukit Ceylon, there are only 10 of these. At 590sf, it is the smallest one and also the cheapest. So, it is extremely easy to rent out... as you can see. The new tenant moving in this weekend is an expat engineer with one of Britain's top engineering firm and he will be signing a new 1 year contract. 

Most people will be attracted to the partition which the owner built to offer privacy in the living room which can also be converted into a bedroom. The partition separates this room from the dining area below.

However, one may question the owner's taste in furniture but fortunately these are loose items which can be removed.

The bedroom below is rather small and can just nicely fit a bed. The room is adjoining the bathroom. The uniqueness of this 1-bedroom unit compared with the rest of the 1-bedroom units in Seri Bukit Ceylon is the bathroom can be accessed from both the bedroom as well as the living room.

The bathroom is almost as big as the bedroom so the owner has built the wardrobe inside the bathroom, which seems like a rather good idea. 

This unit also offers a window in the bathroom, not available in other 1-bedroom units in Seri Bukit Ceylon.

It also has a storage room which is not in this portfolio of pictures, useful to store cleaning materials. The only drawback is the kitchen sits in the entrance walkway and does not get direct daylight.

The kitchen top is also rather small...

But the view is fantastic. The only 1-bedroom unit in Seri Bukit Ceylon that offers both the KL Tower and KLCC twin tower views...


Patch said...

Nice. What is the asking price and the new rental?

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