Friday, November 15, 2013

Like Buying Hot Biscuits....

At the 2nd phase launch of The Fennel, Sentul East. Developer YTL today released the 3rd block out of 4. This is their last attempt before DIBs is banned by the end of this year so punters have been queueing up since this morning. Prices ranged from RM770k for the 1100sf type C 2-bedroom units but the star buy are the 3-bedroom type A, starting from RM870k. All 4 of these type A units have a diagonal view of the famed KLCC twin towers. However, the unit at the furthest corner might be blocked. The difference in price between this and the ones with the view is over RM100k. So we are talking about a difference of over RM100psf just for the view!! I would not have bothered as with the KLCC view, you also get the rows of DBKL low cost flats which are closer.

However, this has not stopped buyers as by the time I got to the front of the queue, almost all the lower priced lower floors Type A unit which do not have a number 4 in it have been sold out.

Queueing was such a pain this morning. There were 3 layers of queue. First you need to get a numbered form at the entrance (above). The wait was almost 45 mins before my number was called. When I got in, there was another queue, averaging 20mins (below).

Past this queue, you get to look at a price chart and talk to a rather unfriendly guy who obviously looked bored after being asked the same questions 300 times. Perhaps one should have skipped this part as there was another more daunting queue to get to the sales chart where you can paste your sticker on your chosen unit. After this, you proceed to start the sales process...

By noon, the crowd appeared to have tapered down with people mostly hanging around to relish on their new purchase and talk to other purchasers. At this stage, there weren't many units which were worth buying as they were the much bigger units costing well over RM1million.

Perhaps what surprised me this time are the numbers of buyers who look like they are in the 20s and 30s.

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