Thursday, October 23, 2014

Settling My Home Loan

I just wanted to find out what are the costs I have to pay the bank to settle my loan early. They cannot tell me this information at the counter and their loan officer on the phone tries his best to twist and turn the information.

All I need to know is, how much is the balance of my loan and what are the bank charges? They want me to pay RM50 to get this information in a so-called redemption statement. I don't do this often but as I remembered when I settled some of my previous loans there were legal fees and other redemption fees etc etc... lots of hidden charges.

OCBC Bank is one such bank and I am so unfortunate I have 2 housing loans here. Their service up to date has been excellent. The personal bankers are pretty, smiles all the time, very polite and so lovely. But the minute you say you want to settle your loan everything changes. I asked her this simple question, can you please tell me ROUGHLY how much I need to pay to settle... she goes wishy washy and when pressed, she quoted an amount from her screen which was my outstanding balance.... and then she blurted out, this is just rough figure.. you need to pay RM50 to see all the hidden charges in the redemption statement...!!!!


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