Saturday, October 4, 2014

Too Much Excitement over Iskandar

Earlier I voiced my reservations about investing in Iskandar real estate. The recent spat with Singapore over the Causeway toll and the VEP charges seems to reinforce this. The Johore state government is way too unpredictable to offer any stability and assurance to investors.

Today, the Malaysian Insider also reported an oversupply -

“There seems to be a demand and supply mismatch… It takes such a short time to introduce all this supply, but the population is not there yet. Looking at the pricing, the units are not geared towards the local market, they are geared towards the overseas market. Maybe developers are very optimistic about the prospects of Iskandar, but there may be too much supply too soon,” todayonline quoted Khalil Adis, the founder of property firm Khalil Adis Consultancy - See more at:

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Patch said...

Our government should compile and release figures of no. of property available, no. property being build and no. vacant. These figures are provided by Singapore and Australia.
To NOT provide these figures is irresponsible and could contribute to a property bubble burst.

There been some price shocks in new projects launched recently.