Wednesday, July 15, 2015

the Signature Serviced Apartmentel at Mont Kiara

Over the weekend, I came across this very interesting project. Which I witnessed being built at various stages as I pass by Mont Kiara on the Penchala Link but I never knew what it was. 

It is a sort of mixture of private residences, hotel, car show room and restaurant, all in one. So definitely commercial title.

Location wise, one can argue about it until the cows come home. On one hand, this is probably the only property sitting nicely within whack of Sri Hartamas and Mont Kiara. It has the best of both worlds. The abundance of cheap eateries and cafes of SH and the exclusiveness of MK, all within walking distance. Though separated by an elevated highway, there is a walkway from the Signature to cross Jalan Desa Kiara to Plaza Mont Kiara and the 1MK Mall.

On the other hand, living beside a highway can drive one nuts. Especially when your unit faces it. Though it has pretty good quality sound proofing, the noises from the speeding traffic still filters through and drowns out the silence (or lack of..) of the night.

View wise, there isn't much... if you are not facing the highway, you are facing this soon to be construction site below..

Or, an oxidation pond...

which comes with a bonus of a petrol station...

perhaps the only decent view is Sri Hartamas below but most units who have this view will also have the smell courtesy from the oxidation pond and the petrol station...

Views, sounds (and smell) aside, the place is pretty well decked out. It doesn't have a very impressive large lobby but the quality is there to see. From the lift lobby below... 

the car ramp coming up to the building...

and the lift lobbies on every floor... you notice the construction quality and superior ingredients used.

The hotel and the residences share the same buildings. And floors. The residences are separated by this security glass door which is pretty annoying because it doesn't close on its own and will beep all night if you do not close it properly.

The residences units itself are quite small. About 400sf. As you enter, you are faced with a tiny living room, with a dining area and kitchenette

The white goods and kitchen cabinets below are provided by the developer

same as the quality bathroom fittings...

the rest of the interior design are up to individual owners...

It's such a small place. So it's easy to fit out. What I really like is the quality fittings and finishings provided. Marble floor for the living/dining/pantry/bath area and wood for the bedroom. There is also entrances to the bathroom from both the living room and the bedroom. This is very important. 

There is a sky lounge, which is essentially the hotel's reception and has a small cafe restaurant - I presume for hotel guests to have their breakfast.

Probably the best facility is the infinity pool. It looks really good but a tad too small to have a decent swim.

The obligatory gym looks under utilized and under-equipped.

There is also a childrens play room..

For RM450k per unit, the price does seem pretty steep for the size of the units. It's not something easy to rent out to people for long term stays. But if you can handle the hassle of check-ins, check-outs, complaints and demands of short term guests, you might have a business case.

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