Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Anyone Interested in Thai Chill-Out Chairs?

I am looking at bringing in a container load of these beautiful teak wood furniture from Thailand. These uniquely Thai-design teak wood chairs and table are almost a cult in bars or cafes throughout the kingdom. 

They are simple, yet comfortable and can come in various shades, white wash, dark, natural and I've even seen some painted in your favourite colours to give that modern or retro look e.g. in lime green. The chairs can be presented as single pieces, double or in sets of 4 such as the picture above. There are also matching cushions with covers to add that comfort and aesthetics...

For me, one of them will look just nice as a corner reading chair in the bedroom.

Teak wood is also extremely durable and can be located outdoors if properly oiled and maintained. So, this set makes a perfect garden furniture or to put on your balcony for enjoying the beautiful view that you've paid a premium for.

I need to bring in at least 30 chairs or tables to bring the cost to RM330 per piece. If we have an order for 60 chairs, we can further bring the cost down to RM280 each. This cost includes tax and freight but you must collect them from my place in USJ Subang Jaya. You can easily fit 3 chairs into a small sedan car.

The size of each chair is 62cm x 50cm x 64cm and table is 62cm x 66cm x 55cm.

If you are interested, get in touch - sinleongng@yahoo.com and specify quantity of chairs and tables and the colour that you want. Cushion and covers are not included. They cost RM25 to RM50 per piece depending on the material.


Anonymous said...

just curious how much would a similar quality sets cost in Malaysia ?

Knightsbridge Estate Agents said...

They look rather cool and modern. Do you happen to have any more pictures of these? Perhaps a darker winge colour, plus some light cushions to go with it?

sinleong said...

there is no equivalent design in malaysia and the teak in malaysia comes from indonesia which is inferior. probably similar quality would cost no less than RM500 per chair.

i wish i have taken some pics. they are not actually modern. rather they are traditional. however, the design is so evergreen. you can have them in whatever colour, including dark brown stain. i've even seen some painted totally white but that would be wasting the beautiful teak wood grain.

the cushion of my choice is the Union Jack while for my parents' room, i'd use laura ashley style light flower motif. all of the cushions are made with durable canvas.