Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Malton's Nova

The Subang-Saujana corridor has been seeing a lot of action lately. The latest addition is Malton’s Nova Square which consists of Serviced Apartments 850sf, priced around RM650k. The project is located directly in front of Malton’s Amaya Saujana, totally blocking Amaya’s view and noise from the busy Subang Airport road. Thank you Nova Square… However this project may bring in even more traffic into once tranquil Saujana. The lower floors will be a shopping mall, which apparently will be managed by Pavilion KL. Already, there is a shortage of parking here with many people parking on the grass kerb and even on the road dividers! With so many new high density projects here now, which includes Hijauan Saujana, the place may lose its appeal.  

Malton will be offering the full “Speculators Package” with 10:90 payment and DIBS all thrown in. Nova Square is in direct competition with UOA’s Kencana Square, both entering this market late after earlier hot launches of Pacific Place across the Subang Airport Road in Ara Damansara. However, Nova Square is expected to be Freehold while Pacific is Leasehold.


Kris said...

I like the term "Speculators Package"!!

brian said...

I'm quite interested in Nova Saujana with Pavilion to manage the F&B area.

What is your opinion on its Cap App & Rental Yield?

sinleong said...

in the next 5 years i dont think we'll see any huge appreciation and yield will depend on the end product but expected to do worse than pacific or those on the ara side because they have much lower entry

Anonymous said...

Hi Sin Leong, from your experience in property investment, how do you see 2013/2014 property market to turn out , given that a full-fledge global economic downturn may just be in the near foreseeable future ? Any wise words of advice ? thanks