Thursday, October 4, 2012

Desa Green

This is probably UOA’s answer to Mayland’s Dorset Place Waterfront and Mah Sing’s M-City. A 3-block 1380 unit serviced apartment, consisting of 500+sf 1-bedroom, 700+sf-2bedroom and 900+sf 3-bedroom units. Each block has over 400 units and the 1st 2 blocks are “sold out”* at prices starting from RM350k. At about RM550psf, even the larger units are around RM500k++…. However, at closer inspection, the location might not be so great. It is not quite in Taman Desa despite borrowing the Desa name from its nicer neighbour. It’s actually across the busy highway from Taman Desa which is not walkable. As seen in the map below, the site is accessible from both the ramp into Taman Desa or from the highway itself. So, if you have forgotten something after leaving the apartment, you’ll need to make one hell of a U-turn a long distance away or through one of KL’s worst traffic in the wrong part of the day. Nevertheless, it is hard to find many new launches with this kind of price tag so close to KL these days.

*UOA has not got the permit for the 1st 2 blocks. Although launched, buyers who placed their RM10k booking may still opt out with no cost. This might explain the sold out status, so it’s not really about aggressive pricing after all. The day of reckoning will be when the 3rd block is launched later this month. While UOA has not got the AP to sell the 1st 2 blocks, they have it for the 3rdblock… this is so strange… So, buyers of the 3rd block need to sign the SPA within 14 days and pay up the balance of the 10% downpayment. The rest of the 90% will be left to a Developer Interest Bearing Scheme. Now when buyers need to make the commitment, let’s see if Desa Green is so hot cake after all…

Not much details at the moment. So, wait for it at the end of this month.   


Anonymous said...

Hi SL, just wondering if you are in my shoes, what would you do?I purchased a 2BR serviced apartment with 1 allocated car park. I have an option to purchase 1 more car park at RM30+k. in this particular development, only 3BR units are given 2 car parks. Do you think I should go ahead to purchase an additional car park, if I intend to either to sell or rent it out upon VP ? Would an additional car park offer my unit added advantage when I am selling or renting it out. Thanks a lot for your input. Janet

sinleong said...

my very own opinion is that it will make little difference if there was an additional car park or not... at RM30k, basically you are paying 16 years of car park rental in advance ...less interest. if u dont have a car park, then yes, buy. but since u alredi have need la

Mr Chua said...


I like your blog as it is informative and great resource for newbie in property investment.

I wish to ask the following questions which I hope to get your comments on :

1. Which property can I use to benchmark against M-City in Jalan Ampang ?
Purpose is to gauge its capital appreciation and rental yield.

2. Can I use a Singapore or Malaysia company to purchase instead of individual name ?

3. What are the pros and cons of using item 2 ? The rules keep changing

4. Also looking at E&O property in upcoming Wellness centre - Medini next quarter 2013.
What are your views on the developer ?

Thank you very much for answering my questions and keep up the great work !

sinleong said...

1. Probably can benchmark against The Elements at Ampang by Mayland. Can also compare with Regalia although not in the same location but all 3 are similar high density pigeon hole projects

2. Yes i think you can

3. I can't comment. But why would you want to use a company? You pay more in taxes

4. So far my experiences with E&O is near dismal. They build high end projects but they cannot match the expectations with their maintenance. Their management services almost put Kampung Warisan to ruins. People were getting their cars stolen and the buildings were falling apart with poor maintenance until the owners took over and saved it. Now, I can see the same happening to St Mary if they dont take heed and do a better job

LK said...

hi SL,

DO you have any good recommendation/suggestion which property to invest?
Is Youcity by PJD is good?
I am actively looking at Taman Desa but Desa Green is very high density.

Thank you in advance.