Monday, October 8, 2012

Kencana Square Launching Soon by UOA

Kencana Square is yet another UOA project. It will consist of commercial, retail, offices and SOHO. The SOHOs will follow schedule H at prices about RM750-RM800psf with 2 types, the smaller 700+sf and larger 1000+sf.

Kencana Square is located directly opposite Subang Jaya, across the Federal Highway. There will be a pedestrian bridge linking it to the Subang Jaya KTM Komuter station where the new LRT extension will be built immediately above the existing station. On the Kencana Square side, there will also be an LRT station although it is farther away. Currently, although nothing much happens on this side of the highway, property prices beats Subang Jaya hands down. The 0-lot Semi-D houses which were sold below RM800k few years ago are now peddling in the market hovering above RM3million while I&P’s Temasya Glenmarie’s double storey link houses are now in the sub-sale market with nothing lower than RM1million. There is no school, no shopping malls and amenities are crap over on this side. In fact, you will be surrounded by factories and auto showrooms and workshops. So what’s the catch?

People with money certainly puzzles us a great deal…

However, I think Kencana Square will fare quite well and the over RM500k price tag for the SOHO rivals the Empire Subang and E-Tiara across the highway. There will be more details later in the month.


Anonymous said...

HI SL I am from JB and interested to purchase 1-2 units landed Freehold house closeby to MRT / LRT track.

May I know what is your main channel to look for these properties ? ( I find online property portal does not represent the actual market value as the calling prices are marked-up)

What size and age of the landed freehold houses would be the best play ?

Besides Subang/PJ area, is there any other areas (within close proximity to MRT/LRT track) that I can look at ?

Would you advise buying apartments/high rises nearby to MRT/LRT ?

In view of slowing property market, would you advise to buy now or hold on till next year ?

Sorry if i am asking too many questions, but buying houses for investment is quite complicated compared to buying for own stay.

Thank you for your time taken to offer some advices to me.

sinleong said...

you could have posted these questions in our discussion about projects close to the LRT/MRT and you will find the answers you are looking for in there. i'm sorry this blog is not arranged properly but if you do a search on LRT or MRT, you can find the blog posts.

you can still find property posts online and then negotiate hard. typically agents will hike up prices but it's also up to the owners to accept what is realistic. out of 50 properties, i usually just find 2 or 3 reasonable ones. whether they are reasonable or not depends on the area and this requires some amount of time to research. i can't give any advice here in this blog because by the time we get there, the prices would have already changed.

on sizes, try to not go for anything less than 20x60 and try to go for corner lots as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

thanks SL for your prompt reply. appreciate it very much. i am still new into property investment. the house i bought for own stay doesn't count i think. too bad i discovered your blog so late as property prices have all run up so much across the board. i suppose i may have to wait for a correction first before jumping in. thanks

sinleong said...

i dont know what you mean. everybody says property prices are too high now but i think it's always going to be too high unless the economy crashes. and if that happens, even you won't be buying properties. so, at this year alone when everyone says the property prices are high, i have personally bought 3 properties, one of them landed. it's all about finding a bargain and you have to be in the area long enough to study and research the prices.

shaun said...

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